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NY Fashion Week Spring 2008

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Last week was NY Fashion Week, and I spent it in Los Angeles. Much to the contrary of what had been rumored, I did not show at the Bryant Park Tents . Let me explain: I received many emails and calls here in LA from friends and industry people saying, "Did you know you are showing?". I was like "No, I ain't". Well, a line called "Nicholai" is on the roster, they would tell me. Sorry guys, my line is NIKOLAKI. Nicholai is the brand-new line by Nicky Hilton, and while yes, the names sound familiar. They are not the same. You can see of my recent gowns from Spring 2008 above and to the left.

I stayed here in LA, because I was working, teaching and filming segments for Studio for the Emmy's. So, to get my NY Fashion Week style fix, I turned to various fashion sites I love , such as, Cathy Horyn's blog for the New York Times and the fabulous site. This site had most of the NY designer's full runway videos up the next day, if not the same day. So I felt like I was there--without the rude people pushing, shoving and trying to get into a show, pretending they were "somebody".

Speaking of videos vs photos, I would first look at the photos and my immediate reaction with some of the collections was a very Michael Kors meets Nina Garcia "I am underwhelmed". However, after I looked at the full runway video, with the models moving, seeing the backs of the gowns or dresses, plus the music, my view would change 360 degrees. This is a lesson in how photos DO NOT translate exactly what the clothes really looked like or what the designer had in mind in putting forth their "vision". I argue that a photo from cannot portray this accurately, but seeing the full-on video can. And in several instances, it changed my mind. Particularly, after seeing Vera Wang's Roman-inspired collection and Ralph Lauren's ode to "My Fair Lady". At first I wasn't moved but after watching these videos, I actually loved them. I was especially thrilled to see Vera Wang do a Grecian/Roman inspired collection, since that was essentially the theme for my recent NIKOLAKI Spring 2008 show at the W San Diego. Her take was less glam, but serenely beautiful. The draping was on-mark!

My other favorites were the controversial Marc Jacobs collection and Diane Von Furstenberg, among others. Marc Jacobs' show began 2 hours late and was shown backwards (Marc took his bow at the beginning and the models came out from last look to first. ) Few fashion journalists and bloggers I read even commented on how the amazing Viktor and Rolf had done this "backwards show" several seasons before, as well as the illusive Martin Margiela. Jacobs' collection, at first, looked a mess. But after much viewing and thought, I thoroughly understood it. His take on sex, society and wearing your underthangs a la Britney and "Grey Gardens" meets Madonna circa 1985 was on a whole other level. People loved it or hated it. The argument I keep hearing towards Marc Jacobs is that we (Americans) need our own Galliano, or Viktor and Rolf--someone who goes "out there" and tantalizes, polarizes--and Jacobs, is the closest thing.

Diane Von Furstenberg's show was Tahiti-Meets-Hawaii-in 1982. The French Disco soundtrack was sexy-hot and so were the flowy dresses shown on the runway. The bold colorful prints, sexy mumu's (I would never think those two words would go together!). The fact that she used so many models of color: HOT!!! After looking at her collection, I wanted to go to Hawaii and bring every single DVF mumu with me! Tres Chic.

Click HERE to view the Ralph Lauren show.
Click HERE to view the Vera Wang show.
Click HERE to view Marc Jacobs show.
Click HERE to view the Diane Von Furstenberg show.

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taylor said...

That's annoying about Nicky Hilton's line. Boo.

I like the third dress down from the top! It was kind of close to what Eva wore to the Emmy's tonight.

That is, close by my standards. By a fashionista, they're probably horses of different colors!