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Style Studio--Fall edition

DRESS LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!'s Style Studio has been a hit! Or so they tell me! Friends , family (they better!), as well as strangers I run into on the street, at airports, hotels...No, I am not running around town at the wee hours of the night wanting to find out what people think of us , "The Glam Squad"--even though that's what you might think! And now, more than ever I find myself telling girls randomly to "Dress Like You Mean It". I think the catchphrase has been embedded so much in my brain that I dream it! So everyday I wake up , I try to follow my own advice.

I have been making monthly trips to NY to film the segments and enjoy doing them--even though during these recent blistering summer months, the studio/loft where we film has felt as if we were filming in an oven! (they turn off the air conditioning while we film in order to lessen on the noise it makes) So, in the event you see my T-zone glistening (more like dripping!) now you know!

Here are some photos from one of the last shoots where I hung out with the lovely models as well as the fabulously chic hairstylist to the stars (and Heidi Klum's personal stylist), Helena Faccenda (working her fierce Prada ensemble). Check out the site HERE
You can see some of my most recent style segments under "Everyday Focus"; segments include "Clean Sweep", "A Blank Canvas", as well as "Eco Chic" . You can also check what my favorite "celebrity" clothing lines are as well, under the "Trends" section.

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