Ice Style

Malin: My Ice (Runway) Queen!

I was sitting at home watching TV and a commercial for the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy The Heartbreak Kid came on. I had to instantly grab my remote and put that commercial on PAUSE! I exclaimed, "She looks really familiar" I was talking about the actress who plays Ben Stiller's lunatic wife. She looks like a model who's done my fashion shows in the past, here in Los Angeles Fashion Week, I continued.

After pausing it, I then realized, it was a model who had done my runway shows: Malin Akerman!!! Back in 2003, as we prepared to show in the first-ever Smashbox Los Angeles Fashion Week, we began doing the model castings and several agencies, including LA Models, sent us their top runway girls. I remember Malin coming in, doing the fittings and looking gorgeous in my designs. Of course, we ended up using her. Originally from Sweden, I believe, I loved her Nordic features--very "Ice Queen". She was an excellent runway walker and a dream to work with.

So it was a nice surprise to see her now starring in a major Hollywood film. I also remember seeing her two years ago in a short-lived--but wonderful--HBO show starring Lisa Kudrow called "The Comeback", where she played a ditzy Beverly Hills 90210-ish actress really well. To me, I'll always remember Malin as my Ice Runway Queen.

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