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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Where's Andrae?

Here's a great photo of Andrae and I with Galina Sobolev, the designer of Single, a wonderful contemporary line based out of Los Angeles. JLo, as well as other beauties have worn her fabulous silky printed tops and dresses, which are carried at all the high-end department stores, such as Neiman-Marcus. See below for an example of a Single dress. We were at the Los Angeles Fashion Week Single Fashion Show, sponsored by 944 Magazine.

Oh, and did I tell you Andrae is designing for them? So the next time you ask "Where's Andrae?", he's at Single with Galina!!!!!!

2 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Where's Andrae?"

Maggie said...

Good to know! Thanks, Nick!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm so happy to know what Andrae is up to!