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TV Guide's Fashion Team Halloween!!

In the spirit of Halloween, I have added the video from my Guest Hosting duties on TV Guide Channel's Fashion Team. It was a Halloween themed episode and as you'll see from the video, I was dressed in full 18th Century Regalia! I had the best time, as always hanging out with my buddies at TV Guide and they were nothing but kind as they helped me "keep my head above water" through the perils of Semi-Live TV! Below are the other 3 parts of the episode.

1 Response to "TV Guide's Fashion Team Halloween!!"

HeatherLee said...

OMG!!! I almost fell off of my chair when I saw you in costume!!!

What a great outfit!!!

Happy Halloween Uncle Nick!

PS: How much money do we need to collect to get you to pose for us in your winning PR barbie design?!?!?!?! :-)