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NICK APPEARANCES.....AfterElton Article

One of my favorite sites, AfterElton, just wrote an article/posting on the supposed "revamping" of Tim Gunn's "Guide To Style" show on Bravo. Someone sent me the link, alerting me to the nice "shout out" from the article and blurb below...
I think it would be rather fun to show up and do my "Dress Like You Mean It" on one of the unsuspecting ladies. But, knowing this Industry, now that I have actually mentioned it and put it in print, that means that, as they say "It ain't ever going to happen".

"One thing I'd definitely like to see on Guide are appearances by past Project Runway designers -- I'm sure the chance to be dressed by Nick Verreos would be just as exciting to Guide to Style's makeover recipients (who, if they know Tim Gunn, must know Project Runway), and Runway fans would enjoy the chance to see their favorite designers in their element."
For the entire article, Click HERE

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