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NICK APPEARANCES.....Interview for

No, it's not what you think! asked to come take a peek at my Downtown Los Angeles Studio Loft several months ago, and somehow, under a dazed and confused stupor (just kidding) , I obliged. I thought it would be fun for people to see my studio as well as where I keep my overstuffed closet of clothes.
I admit, I am a bit of a clotheshorse and have trouble getting rid of things, so I just buy new closets to fit them all in. I have gotten better and do a "cleaning" every other month, and give away a lot of my clothes to worthwhile organizations like "Out Of The Closet". They also got a lot of fun photos of me holding up several pieces from my NIKOLAKI collection so you get a look inside my "Atelier" and where I have all my gowns --I look just like a Showroom Rep!

They even got me to show them my special pull-out drawer that encloses my tie collection(I have over 50!), it looks like a tie display at Barney's NY! Make sure to click on all the three pages , since they took a photo of the mini-shrine I have devoted to the my "Project Runway My Scene Barbie".
To View my Closet click HERE

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Daphne said...

I saw the article on and I loved it! It gave me an inside view that I did not see on Project Runway. It's very interesting that you are into world politics.