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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Debbie Matenopoulos in NIKOLAKI: 2007 L.A. Fashion Awards


Miss Greece!
I met the fabulous Debbie Matenopoulos, TV presenter and host of E! Entertainment's "The Daily 10" show, when she hosted the 2007 Los Angeles Fashion Awards. I was co-presenting the Inspiration Award to the executive producers of Project Runway, and was rushed backstage to prepare. Once back there, I also ran into my friend Decades Two owner and another fellow Greek, Christos Garkinos. I was introduced to Debbie by Christos and before you know it, we were having a major Greek Love Fest at the Orpheum Theater! We joked that we might as well be making Gyros and Souvlakis back there! Debbie started telling people that we would be handing complimentary Feta Cheese to everyone after the show was over!

The beautiful Debbie then told me how much she loved my designs and I told her how much I would love for her to wear one of my gowns for a "red carpet" event. We joked in Greek and then we were separated--I had to present the award and, well, she had to host the show, of course. Consequently, a week later, she was asked to host the 2007 Diversity Awards and her stylist asked if I could send over some gowns. To say that I was ecstatic to then find out that my "Miss Greece" had actually ended up wearing one of my designs to host the awards show is an understatement! She looked like a Goddess in my one shoulder, side-draped jersey gown.

It is a style, which I coincidentally titled "Athena" and featured in white for my recent W San Diego Spring 2008 Collection. To illustrate what a class act Debbie is, she sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers as a "Thank You". Most times, I am lucky if I get the dress back dry-cleaned from some people! Needless to say, the name of that style will now be changed to "Debbie" thank you very much.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful beautiful dress!!! Debbie looks so pretty!

Happy December~

Anonymous said...

Wow nick... love your designs...