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NICK APPEARANCES.....Heidi's Halloween Party 2007: RECAP Part 1

Spooky Designers!!

Just got back from Heidi Klum's fabulous Halloween party at Green Door in the heart of Hollywood and , needless to say, it was CRAZY! I dressed up as an 18TH Century FOP--like Marie Antoinette's best gay friend. After driving ONE HOUR from my Downtown LA Loft to Hollywood (usually it takes twenty minutes), I finally made it to Hollywood. After reaching the Green Door , I did some of my Heidi's Halloween "red carpet" dishing and I made my way inside the club.

Besides the usual suspects of Hollywood industry hangers-on, I finally saw the real thing: There she was, Miss Heidi Klum, dressed as a mysterious and sexy cat-woman donned in a stretch velvet hand-painted cat-suit with whiskers, colored contact lenses and all. Before I knew it, it was a Project Runway-meets-Halloween-free-for-all: There was Santino Rice as an Indonesian Priest giving Halloween blessings and then, a scary, yet still sexy(future cover boy for OUT Magazine much?) Season Four Rami Kashou and a Gay Cowboy Raymundo Balthazar ( Watch out: Raymundo has got a line-dancin' trick under his Western Shirt!) With all that, you have the ingredients for a very nasty, yet fashionable and fun, Heidi's Halloween.

Did I add the fact that Miss Britney Spears was there too? All in her heart-shaped sunglasses and all. She caused quite a stir at the club, let me tell you. Heidi was at the VIP lounge and Britney was near the bar sitting in a separate part of the club. Wanna bet both parties met up? Gimme More....

Yep, you know they did! And I will tell you next time what happened... Happy Halloween y'all!

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