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NICK APPEARANCES.....Heidi's Halloween Party 2007: RECAP Part 2

Ghouls, Goblins, Ghosts and Britney?

If I was to sum up Halloween in Los Angeles it would come down to three things:
1. Traffic
2. Halloween Ho's and scary costumes
3. Paparazzi Madness

Here's my recap of the night: I attended Heidi Klum's annual Halloween bash to do some "red carpet" "Uncle Nick" dishing (see below for link to the YouTube video) as well as to have some fun. I dressed up as an 18th Century Courtesan and David was a Vampire a la Anne Rice's "Interview With A Vampire". I wish I could say that I actually made my fabulous costume, but alas, I would be lying. I got it from one of Southern California's oldest costumes houses, Western Costumes.

It took more than an hour to drive from my Downtown Los Angeles Studio to Hollywood. It's only a 10 mile trip! Did I tell you how much I HATE LA traffic. You'd think we Angelenos would be used to it but it still shocks the nerves. Last night, stuck in that infamous traffic, I was struck with an uneasy urge to want to MOVE TO A QUIET FARM in KANSAS!!

Once in the Green Door club, we made our way past all the costumed attendees and immediately met up with my partner-in-fashion-crimes, Season 2 designer Raymundo Balthazar looking like he was just at Oil Can Harry's (if you live in LA, you'll understand). We also ran into Season 4 designer, Rami Kashou, looking quite ghoulish. We also saw Season 2 designer Santino Rice hanging out with Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia. After what seemed like an eternity (traffic inside the club mirrored the traffic outside!), we finally made it to the cordoned-off "VIP" area, where Heidi Klum was. Heidi was decked out in her hand-painted ensemble, dressed as a sexy scary cat. I am not exaggerating when I say this: Her figure looked FLAWLESS! I want to know her secret, besides having a trainer and a cook at her beck and call 24 hours a day...

At the VIP lounge, we recognized Director Quentin Tarantino and were introduced to Seal's brother, who looked quiet scary, like an extra from "28 Days Later". Desperate Housewives actor Kyle McLahlan and his wife, Desiree Gruber were also hanging out in Heidi's VIP room. Kyle looked hilarious as a golfer-gone-wrong with a golf ball stuck on his forehead! Desiree was a sexy catburglar who had just stolen a priceless diamond ring. We also ran into several good friends including Jane Cha, dressed as Riyo Mori, Miss Universe. Her powder blue gown was a perfectly bad hybrid of a prom dress and a bridesmaid dress. My friend Chad looked cute and wholesome as a sailor. I just wanted to pinch his cheeks all night long! I even ran into an ORBIT GUM GIRL!!

From the VIP area, I could see all the party goers and their costumes and quickly made this observation: Why do grown, intelligent women use Halloween as a night to bring out their "inner Ho". What is that about? And when did this phenomenon begin to occur? It baffles me. Heidi was COVERED from head toe and yet, she was still THE SEXIEST WOMAN at the club. There were so many "Naughty Nurse", "Naughty Nun", "Naughty housewife", I wanted to douse them all with alcohol. I am by no means a prude, but all that naughtiness isn't really necessary ladies.

Speaking of INNER HO'S: All of a sudden there was this mad rush in the club and before we knew it, we find out Britney Spears had entered the club! The party went from a regular club atmosphere to sheer madness because Britney had arrived. It went from being "Heidi's Halloween" to "Britney's Halloween" in 2.2 seconds. Like witnessing a car wreck, we decided to venture outside of the VIP area to to see if we could catch a glimpse of Miss Spears and headed for the bar. There, we found Britney wearing some heart-shaped glasses and sporting what looked like a feather boa--along with her entourage 0f about 10 hangers-on as well as a bunch of her angry-looking bodyguards. Party guests were shoving and pushing just to get a glimpse of her. It was very surreal. In all this madness, we spot Heidi actually walking to this bar area where Britney was. They greeted each other, posed for photos and POOF! Heidi was gone. In my bitchy mind, I concocted a fantasy conversation which had Heidi saying "Let me show her whose party this really is...!" Soon after, Britney left and so did we. Outside as she departed, what ensued looked like something out of the last night of Princess Diana's life: About 15 cars dangerously raced and screeched right behind her while about 50 paparazzi ran (cameras in tow) to get photos and film of her as she sped away. It was one of the most surreal moments I have ever been a part of. It was the prefect crazy ending to a crazy-and scary night.

To watch my fun YouTube video at Heidi's Halloween 2007 Red Carpet, Click HERE

and HERE to watch the TMZ Video where TMZ caught all those Halloween Ho's, as well as myself waiting to get my car.

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