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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 4 First Episode Recap...Sort of

The premiere of Season 4 Project Runway was upon us, and not a moment too soon! Instead of recapping the entire episode and spending way too much unnecessary space here, I want to try something different. Besides , I am sure that everyone and their mother from Honolulu to Poughkeepsie, and all those 15 year old kids who-have-become-YouTube-blog-phenomenons in between will surely be putting their two cents into who did their best, who made something "whickety-whack" and who "underwhelmed" them.

I want to pose Three "Uncle Nick Project Runway" Questions in regards to this first episode:

1) Is this really THE MOST TALENTED bunch of designers ever?
It's rather insulting for all the actual talent that has been seen from previous seasons who have created marvelous work. If I get sick and tired of hearing this tired line every season from my dear Tim Gunn, imagine how Kara Saun, Jay McCarroll , Chloe Dao and Jeffrey Sebelia feel? Especially after seeing this first episode. Or maybe they don't care. I haven't asked them lately... Irregardless, I feel that a lot of these dresses looked amateur, save Rami Kashou's. His was ethereal and beautifully draped. I know that for our season, we actually had a few days to create the garment we did for the Season 2 First Challenge, but still. Several of the dresses (Simone, Ricky) any girl can find in a local mall. An empire-cut baby doll? Really? Give me something kids! Inspire me!(Now, I am sounding like "Instructor Nick"!) Kit's looked straight out of "Hot Topic", and don't let me start on Elisa's turquoise ripped-into-shreds nightmare. In a non-reality show world, she would have been out. Lest we forget, it is still a TV show and Elisa would make for nice quirky "I design dresses based out of the grass I rub into my cloth" fodder worth watching. Simone
was forgettable, therefore she was the one to go.

2)Has Project Runway becoming the new "Real World"?

One more screen caption of Rami's tank top-wearing pecs and Jack's six-pack abs (I counted!) and the next thing I am going to see is them jump into a hot tub, get drunk and start, well you get the picture. Sexy sells, I get it. And nowadays, image is very important for designers. Look at Marc Jacobs' transformation from librarian-computer-grunge-geek to Chelsea hottie! But I don't want to start thinking that this Emmy-award nominated show is falling prey to MTV-style show of gratuitous skin. It's nice to watch, yes. But it's even better to watch the designers go through the motions of creating amazing garments--or crazy ones!

3) Do the Season 4 Models have that "WOW" factor the previous seasons ones did?
They are pretty, I do not deny that. But models should be extraordinarily pretty. Tarah, Danielle, Amanda, Marilinda...these girls turn heads. These new models don't have that "Wow" factor that Chloe's Grace did, for example. It is a known fact that the Project Runway models do not get paid for their time on the show and risk losing actual paying gigs, editorials, etc. by being there for 12 hours in a single day. Do you think that word has gotten around and agencies just don't want to risk that for their models or models don't feel the end result (What are they getting out of this?) is worth the time? Who knows. I just pose the question.

14 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 4 First Episode Recap...Sort of"

HeatherLee said...

I unfortunately missed the first 40 min b/c of being stuck at work (VCR is now set to record every Wed).

I dislike the "this season has the most talented designers" line mainly b/c, as you said, we hear it each season. And that is a bit disrespectful of those of you who were in previous seasons.

I thought the first challenge was a bit of a let down compared to the "rip your apartment apart and make something" of season 3. Or the "clothes off your back" of season 2. While the silliiness of the flower shop garment may irritate some people, I always enjoy seeing the creative process when people are thrown outside of their comfort zone.

I am not a fashonista. I don't understand why people spend over $500 for a pair of shoes (I didn't even know what MANOLO was until catching a re-run of Sex and the City). Most days you will find me in jeans or track pants. But I find this show absolutely addicting. Maybe because it amazes me how people can create something wearable out of flowers or trash. Maybe because I always wish I knew how to sew, but never learned. The Eye Candy aspect of it doesn't hurt but I definitely dislike the soap opera drama that seemed to be emphasized in Season 3

I am hoping that this season will be about the challenges first and foremost.

RBurton said...

Great post!

The first challenge started out mean-spirited. Having designers run to tents? It's obnoxiously unfair to put fitness fanatics up against people in, well, different shape. There had to have been a more creative way to start the first challenge.

I couldn't agree with you more about Rami. The draping was just fantastic.

wannabe/rundeep said...

Nick, love you and your commentary. However, "irregardless" is not a word. Poughkipsie is a town in NY, and there's only 3 questions.

Carl Cheng said...

Uncle Nick, you only put three questions instead of four. You're not already starting to get foggy in the head are you? Kiddinggg, I still love you.

But I totally agree. I was vastly underwhelmed by this group, especially the hype of having 'the best group of designers' and especially having a longer delay between seasons to get a better pool of talent. Maybe some people just couldn't handle the time limit or just need direction. Michael (or Mychael) Knight seemed to excel in challenges with direction and stumbled in his own line at the end.

But yeah, I actually don't like a lot of the models this season. Some look.. not as blessed in the face. But then again, I'm spoiled by Marilinda, Grace, Nazri, and Amanda. I also felt that Rami's model is a bit bigger than a normal model and his dress didn't look that good on her. I loved the dress on the dressform, so who knows? Maybe a model switch is in order since he did win.

Pat in Georgia said...

I must disagree with you about Kit's dress. I actually was in Hot Topic last night, trying not to look like the shell shocked 40-something mother that I am, and saw nothing as pretty as Kit's dress.

I thought about what if the previous seasons' designers had been given this challenge. I think we would have seen A LOT more color and innovation.

Love your blog!

Laura K said...

Nick, could we have the fourth question please?

The "most talented designers" line is getting really tired, I agree. Especially when at least three (maybe more) of these were not good enough for season three.

I think that's why we don't have a RTTR episode. They don't want us to see the designers in line, just in case they are brought on for the next season.

Just my humble opinion.

Emily said...

Actually, wannabe:

LisaSabatier said...

Uncle Nick, i love you, but please don't say irregardless again, please.

Bonnie said...

I'm not thrilled with that "this season has the most blah, blah, blah. It's just hype from Bravo to amp up the interest in this season.

As far as creativity, I saw nothing last night that was as creative and lovely as Mychael Knight's coffee filter dress from PR3's first episode-that was truly memorable!

Anonymous said...

Nick, love you to death, but you need an editor, or at least a proofreader.

Tsuru said...

Irregardless of what you think (sorry, I had to), Rami's dress was a boring toga. Her body was lost in it! Not to mention, it was probably the safest thing he could make...

As for being the most talented? Not even close... The past 2 seasons really pushed the level of technical design up, the pattern making and sewing skills of the more talented contestants from the previous seasons makes these designers look like hacks.

They were given cart blanche on their challenge! Here's a ton of fabric and all the tools you need, now go make a dress... and that's what they came up?


Tsuru said...

Oh, and one last thing. One episode in, and they have completely abused the phrase "make it work". How am I going to make it all season with everyone and the mother uttering that phrase.


Anonymous said...

Nick! I was watching PR season 2 reruns last week and it was so great seeing you again. That was my favorite season.


Anonymous said...

Nick, I love you, you seem like a cool person and are a great designer. But irregardless is not a word.