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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 4 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 2

Episode 2: Fashion Icon on-a-Budget?

First of all, I hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving and you are able to celebrate with good friends and family. While you are enjoying all the turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, here is some "Fashion Gobble Gobble"(sorry, I had to do that!) to hold you stuffed until next week.
Like last time, I will do this week's recap in question form. Ready, set, go...and don't forget to check all my grammatical errors...

1) Was This Episode Boring or Was It Just Me?
Following the footsteps of a not-so-memorable First Episode, I was ready for a really good one. I invited friends over (Andrae stopped by and brought Gelato--Yeaaay!) and served Champagne and cookies. We were ready. And all I got was a "Yawn". Now, don't get me wrong, I am not looking for drama, especially "Created Drama" (think last season's "Mother's Challenge" or my season's "Take Nick's Model"). I am not a fan of that. But it would be nice to see some "Fashion Drama". This episode had the potential, especially, with the amazing "guest star" Sarah Jessica Parker and the teaming up of designers. You know if SJP showed up in my season, I would have screamed so loud and jumped and clapped so much, it would have made my scene with Olympic Figure Skater Sasha Cohen seem like "chopped liver" in comparison. Because of previous season's infamous Team Challenges, one expected more discussion amongst the designers, friendly arguments even, and thoroughly interesting creations as a result. Other than Sweet Pea and Elisa's mulling over hand-rolled hems and spitting on the fabric(I bet the cameramen and sound guys just about died and went to heaven after they saw that!), nothing much occurred. In terms of the designs that won and lost, I liked Victorya's loose tunic of a dress with the cropped vest, but surprisingly, I also liked Elisa and Sweet Pea's "polymorphic" dress and cape. Great color, fashionably styled, yet wearable. Poor thing, "Oliver Twist" twin, Marion's design did look, as Michael Kors stated, like something Pocahontas would have worn. Also, I can't help but think how many of the designers did leggings/tights because they were influenced by what Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing when she met them.
Overall, though, I felt this was a rather uneventful episode with rather unremarkable clothes.

2) Was it Uneventful because of their Budget and the fact that they had to design for BITTEN?
So then I began thinking, could it have been the fact that they only had $15 for fabric and trims and had to design for a "budget" yet fashion-savvy line? First, I don't know how they found enough fabric to create an outfit, especially at Mood, only having $15. The last time I was there, I was hard-pressed to find their "Dollar Bin". Actually, I never saw one. So how did they do it? I guess poly/cotton jersey is cheap, but even at retail prices, these stores can charge up to $8/yard for it. I would need at least 2 yards to make a top and leggings , and that's it. I have spent all my budget. What about a zipper, lining, or another contrast fabric? I have a sneaky feeling somebody somewhere sneaked these designers some extra cash... Just saying.
Now, in regards to designing for Bitten, ponder the following: Would it have been more exciting of an episode if the designers had to create an ensemble for Sarah Jessica Parker, for the Black-tie Gala/Opening of a Metropolitan Museum Costume Exhibit, in which she would have worn the outfit? All I kept thinking of was that photo of her with Alexander McQueen in his "Couture-Tartan" design. I know some people may think that she was a "fashion disaster", but personally, this was GENIUS! Who else would do that? That's one of the many reasons I LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker. she takes fashion risks. I think this "fantasy" challenge would have been possibly more fun to watch. But I do understand the tie-in with SJP and her line.

3) Is the Second Episode of every season going to be an "Ode To Andrae Crying Episode"?Now, remember, I was watching this episode with the fabulous Mr. Gonzalo, and he noted "Why is the second episode going to be about crying? I think I started a second episode trend " I cannot recall if anyone cried in the second episode of Season 3, but if they did, please let me know. But I could not believe all the tears that flowed in this episode. First Chris, then Ricky crying so early on in the challenge--he barely had met Sarah Jessica Parker for goodness sake--made me skeptically think that this was footage from his "exit interview" questionably interjected in the beginning of the episode. Then even Carmen joined in on the cry fest at elimination. The last straw was watching usually bitchy "I-am-the-fiercest-thing-since- John Galliano" Christian actually tear up. I swear I saw tears behind those Alain Mikli glasses of his!

See you next time, and keep on crying...and sewing!

9 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 4 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 2"

Andy said...

Nick,I'm not sure what I think of the new season yet, but for the time being, I'm scared.  Where's the classic glam?  There's something to be said for being innovative, but.. eh..I miss classic Project Runway (season 2, especially, which leads me to believe that BRAVO should just get it over with and give you your own show.


Mary said...

I'm very underwhelmed so far this season.

Christine said...

I heart Jack but he doesn't get enough air time. I loved his first dress and Ricky and Jacks second dress was also great. I bet Ricky imbude it with his tears. Enough already, stop crying.

Reina said...

Nick, I think it was Angela that was crying in the season three, episode two challenge... you know, the one that paired Angela and Vincent for the Miss USA dress. But admit it, if you had to work with Vincent and those weird space alien sleeves, you'd cry too.

TopCat said...

Nick just found your blog. I love you and think you're the bomb!
I agree with you on your recaps.

I liked Victoria and Kevin's dress and do think they should of won cause perhaps it fits into the Bitten line a "bit" more lol

I looked at the Bitten link, and I feel some of the other designs may have been cute, but they didn't pay attaention to the specific challenge or the Bitten line. I feel Victoria/Kevin, Elisa/Sweet P, Rami/Jillian and Kit/Chris were the only ones that really fit into SJP's line and listened to the challenge.

Madeline said...

Nicki dove, Malan cried in Episode 2 of Season 3. Remember? When he got cut? Lotta criers goin' on here.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I agree with you, Nick, someone slipped the designers some moolah on the side, or else it was "all notions R free" day at Mood or something. But why set up the extremely low budget angle and then there's never a payoff where you see the budget constraints actually effecting the designers? Something definitely happened there that didn't make it out of the editing room.

Katrina said...

Hi Nick,

I've been keeping up with you since watching you on Project Runway Season 2. I heart reading your blog so much and seeing you continue doing what you love and do so well. With that said, I can't wait until the new episode of you in project runway canada airs!!!

LflowerD23 said...

Nick, you are my all time favorite designer on PR, why dont you have a website where we can buy your clothes??