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RUNWAY REPORT.....Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 Preview

Mustaches are HOT!

A couple of weeks ago, my "old" friend John Wade invited me to a Marc Jacobs Trunk Show, showing the latest Spring 2008 runway collection at the Melrose Place boutique here in LA. I hadn't seen John in a while so I jumped into my car, got my skinniest of jeans on and headed to the Westside for a chance to see this controversial Marc Jacobs collection up close, and more importantly, to see my John! He was looking very 1980's Magnum P.I. with that mustache.
I got to view-and touch- some pieces from the collection, including the first look "No. 56", a corseted tulle and organza beaded creation, which I think cost about $8,000!! And we made one of our friends try on the little bubblegum pink jersey number from the show as well. One interesting note: All the samples said "Size 4", but they were altered to fit those teeny tiny runway models, so in actuality, a lot where size 0 or 2. The shoes were the best. Every woman is going to want to own those "backward" pumps.

John, by the way, is doing FABULOUSLY. He's part of a valued team that makes Marc Jacobs be the amazing design brand that it is. He had been in Savannah, Georgia for a while, helping open the the new Marc Jacobs store there and then moved to San Francisco, where he was sent to help re-organize that store.
Coincidentally, he had been working a lot with the window displays of all the West Coast stores (Las Vegas, LA, SF) and has moved back to Los Angeles, where he has just gotten a "very big promotion". Love that! He is doing very good indeed.

2 Responses to "RUNWAY REPORT.....Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 Preview"

Jasc said...

first of all those shoes are so unique and strange, i wonder how women will walk on them hehe.

and its always exciting to look at designer clothing up close. it can be great research or just something to admire

Gina said...

Wow, I love the purple, and those, shoes, insane!