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NICK Style Studio: Holiday Edition

Bundle Up and look Fabulous!
OK, so I know that it looks like I am about to streak someone and do not have anything underneath in this photo. But, don't fret, I actually did have a t-shirt and pants underneath. It was just a VERY LOW deep-V T-Shirt!

There are several new and fun fashion segments up on's Style Studio which involve dressing for Holiday parties and generally how to stay fashionable even in these dreary colder Winter months.
Since I am one of Style Studio's resident Glam Squad, then it is my duty to keep the US woman informed on how to make the best of these cold and dreary last months of 2007 and still look FIERCE for the Holidays. Keep that tacky X-mas tree with dingle berry ornaments sweater in your closet. Trust me, watch these segments and you will see that you have other options. We, at Style Studio, are ready come to the (fashion) rescue!

Click HERE to watch the new segments
and Keep your eye out for these fun tips:
Holiday Hide: Look 10 Pounds lighter in these outfits
Party Perfect: From office to office party in 10 minutes
Chill Out: With Hats, Gloves and Scarves
Treasure or Trash: How to shop in a vintage store

3 Responses to "NICK Style Studio: Holiday Edition"

HeatherLee said...
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Stevie-Leigh said...


You and Jeffery came to my school today, all I can say was that had to be the best event I ever attended on my campus. You guys were out of this world and I loved every second! I was so lucky to be right in the middle third row in. You guys were hilarious. I will remember tonight for the rest of my life! You were my favorite from Season 2 and I cried when you left.

What happened to Andre? ^_-

Thanks again!

P.S. Jay showing up was an awesome touch. You guys rocked Kutztown University!

M @ Tru Drama said...

Hi Nick,

I just watched Project Runway Canada and I was so happy to see you. Nick fans, he had about 12 minutes of screen time. Which probably seems like forever for those of us that haven't seen Nick
since Project Runway.

You were really great as the mentor in the show and I really hope you get to do more of this work on TV.

I wrote a little blurb about you in my blog too!