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NIKOLAKI.....Model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI on Model.Live

Model In A Corner: Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI/Nick Verreos David Paul (photo by Evans Vestal Ward) Who Knew? has this fabulous web-documentary about models and Miss Amanda Fields makes a cameo--in one of my NIKOLAKI cropped bolero jersey tops. Seen above, Miss Amanda is modeling the rust/wine colored version for my NIKOLAKI Website Look Book. In the documentary, she can be seen wearing the same style , but in a caramel color way. Click HERE--Model.Live Episode 5 and she can be seen right in the middle of the episode, waiting in a model casting line. It's so crazy how most of the models are as tall as her--and darlings, Miss Amanda is tall--she's almost 6 feet! Kisses, Nick

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nick!

We're just having a rerun of Project Runway here in Sweden and I just wanna say I thought it a shame that they sent home too soon.
Love your personality and I really enjoyed watching you and your clothes on the show.

Best of luck to you!
Love from Sweden // Anneli