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PROJECT RUNWAY....."Fantasy" Season 5 Project Runway Reunion

The SIXTEEEEEEEN Designers.... Oh I Wish It Was So...... One of my favorites sites, Project Rungay--yes , you read that right--came up with one of the most HILARIOUS "Fantasy Project Runway" Reunion Postings EVAHHH!!!! Those boys are too clever for even another GAY! (me) Since Season 5 is not having the infamous (and always entertaining) Reunion Episode (Bravo was OVER it, I presume), the gays over there decided to create one on their own. Hello DESIIIIIINERS!!!!!! Miss Heidi Klum, of course is in it, as well as the lovely Nina Garcia and the Bitchy Michael Kors (we love Bitchy). It's all in there. It's so funny, you might be laughing out loud, so make sure no one else is the room. The unflappable Tim Gunn even swears! It may be a faux Reunion show, but it's also very true. Did you Hear, Nina: there's No Reunion Show...except on Project RunGAY!!!! Click HERE for the hilarious Dream/Fantasy Project Runway Season 5 Reunion....

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