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POLITICAL STYLE.....Nick Verreos talks about Sarah Palin,

I was recently asked by (I know , shut up!) if I would give my "two cents" on Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's fashion style and under a dazed stupor, I actually said "Yes". I think she dresses the part of a "Vice President"---it helps that the RNC gave her $150,000 to spend! I actually like her suits--I think she looks crisp, executive-like and I even went further and said that "she looks like an executive at Estee Lauder Cosmetics"... Of course, as of late, the scandal has been more about those $150,000 that the RNC spent on her. For someone who is supposed to come off as "one of us/everyday 'Soccer Mom'..." it seems a bit hypocritical to me. I think that's why people were so incensed about it. After all, Ms. Palin had the option to say "You know what...I'm not taking these will make me look like a hypocrite...especially since I am just trying to be an 'everyday Main St. Soccer Mom'...." My sister, Rita Verreos, is one of those supposed "Soccer Mom's" and she certainly doesn't have a $150,000 clothing allowance....Just sayin' Click HERE to read the entire article.

1 Response to "POLITICAL STYLE.....Nick Verreos talks about Sarah Palin,"

Ann Weaver said...

Re: Sarah Palin

Upgrading your wardrobe while running for Vice President does not make you a hypocrite. What a stupid stupid statement to make. She is running for VP of the most powerful nation in the world.

I am willing to bet the farm that if she dressed like a soccer mom your critique of her wardrobe would be equally harsh and ignorant.

My guess is that you since you are a homosexual and she is a conservative, you wouldn't have any love for her no matter how well or poorly she dresses.