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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 5 Project Runway Finale Viewing Party

Los Angeles Celebrates End of Season 5 Three Hours Of Sleep, No Food, and a Fourteen Hour Workday: Nick on the red carpet Wednesday evening, I was invited to the Finale Project Runway Bash at paparazzi-central West Hollywood hotpot STK. I had never been to STK, so I was eager to see what it was all about. I only know of it from all those TMZ videos of celebs and not-so-A-list celebs coming in and out of it. I love me some TMZ--it's Entertainment Tonight--but without the "filter". My day began at 8 AM (I swear, cameras should have really been following me on this particular day!) doing patterns and finishing the muslins for the collection I am working on . Then I rushed over to teach my noon-6 PM class. Without missing a beat, I then drove across town to my seamstress to check on gowns she was sewing and somehow, made it back to my home to change and "hijack" David to come with with me to an event I could not miss. Not only was it the Finale of Season 5 Viewing Party, but it was also a "Goodbye and Thank You" Finale Party, being given by the shows' producers, Magical Elves. I have such respect and dare I say, LOVE, for Magical Elves, that I almost consider them like family. From the top producers to the p.a. who gets your Starbucks, there is an understanding, endearment and respect, that you rarely find in a production team. Trust me, I've worked with a few. Party Central: Producer Michael Rucker, Season 5 Runner-Up Korto, Nick Verreos, and John Wade (looking serious and sexy) The Party: After throwing my white "dinner jacket" on, David and I swung by and picked up my friend, Season 2 Designer (and Marc Jacobs merchandising Guru) John Wade and we headed for STK. I immediately ran into Magical Elves' sexy "centerfold", Michael Rucker--looking very "old school" Dean Martin in his tuxedo (between him and I, we could have been a Las Vegas act!). On the "Step and Repeat" red carpet (yes, there was a red carpet!), I said "hello" (in other words PUSHED) Korto, whom I was excited to see. I was not sure that she would make it to this LA party, but I am glad she did! Korto was GIVING YOU BOOTIE, in her black stretch band-collared mini-dress. Her eye make-up matched her pedicure by the way! (Fabulous!) This Spells Trouble: Nick Verreos, Raymundo Batazar and John Wade Soon-- after receiving my Cosmo and Mini Burger hors d'oeuvres (I had not eaten in ten hours!)--I saw my buddy, Season 2 Designer, Raymundo Baltazar, working a bow-tie and distressed denim vest ensemble. You know I had to get him and my other Season 2 buddy, John, to take a photo with me! We also posed with Season 3 Model--and Blogging Project Runway blogger, Amanda Fields--who has been quite busy herself, working the New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week runways. Posing Divas: Season 2 Designer and LA stylist/designer, Raymundo Baltazar, Nick Verreos and model Amanda Fields Speaking of models, I just about DIED when I saw Leanne's winning model (Yes, kiddies, as I predicted, Leanne won, by the way) Tia. I had never met her but seriously, I ran to her the way my niece runs to me when she sees me at the airport! Yes, I love me some models--especially FIERCE ones, such as Tia. Congratulations Miss Tia--see you in Elle Magazine!Winning Tia: Nick Verreos with Leanne's gorgeous model, Tia After making it inside the restaurant/club, I saw Kit and complimented her on her great graphic printed black and white dress--and her boyfriend! We also discussed the show she styles, Dancing With The Stars ( I love me some DWTS!).Girlfriends: Sweet P and Nick Verreos I also saw Sweet P, and almost hurt an innocent guest at the party in order to get to her. She looked GORGEOUS in a one-shoulder ruffled confection of prettiness that she told me she designed herself (of course!!). Let me just declare this now and forever: I . Love. Sweet P. There I said it!Smiley Pants: Season 5 Token Straight Guy, Designer Joe Faris, and Nick Verreos Of course, since the party was a "Viewing Party", there were huge flat screen TV monitors showing the Final Episode, but not many people were paying attention (except for a lot of the Season 5 Designers present of course!) Speaking of Season 5 Designers, I spotted some of their "All Stars" who either flew out to Los Angeles, especially for the party, or were "on their way" somwhere else. I ran into Joe Faris, who was sporting a new haircut and his own studded leather jacket. He was unbelievably nice. I think I drank the "Joe Kool-Aid". I can't believe I am saying this, but: Joe Rocks! He was leaving to Hong Kong the next day for business and wanted to party one last time in LA.Bravo Threesome: Theodore from Sheer Genius, Nick Verreos, and Suede from Project Runway Season 5 I also spotted Suede, who was there... wait for it... with his MOMMY! I almost DIED!!! In case anyone is wondering, he did not refer to himself in Third Person at all, and he did not have a faux hawk (neither did I , thank you very much!).Tan-O-Rama: Nick Verreos and Blayne, from Season 5 Finally, Season 5 Finale would not be complete if I had not seen (how could you miss him in neon yellow?) Blayne. True to form, Blayne was both Tanorexic and Girlicious. The party was fun: I got to see my old friends at Magical Elves, as well as hang out with Raymundo, John Wade, and Miss Sweet P, meet designers from this last season and had my own "TMZ Moment", hanging out at STK. David and I did not get home until about ONE AM and yes, we first, walked our dog and then fell asleep watching the actual Finale Episode, in the comfort of our own flat screen....

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