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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Celebrates John Wade's Birthday

Nick Verreos and fellow Project Runway Season 2 Designer, John Wade, at his Birthday Dinner One of my best buds (did I say "buds"? OK, just shoot me!!!), John Wade had his fabulous Birthday--and Uncle Nick was invited! In case you don't know the story (I've told it many times), John and I connected right away, at LAX the day we were supposed to leave for NY to do Project Runway Season 2. We both missed our flight and he approached me at the gate--as I was wearing my Dior Sunglasses and infamous vintage red nylon fitted ski jacket. Our lives would be sewn together from that moment! John and The Gang: John Wade and his friends at Little Door Restaurant, celebrating his Birthday I consider John one of my best friends and he has been there through "thick and thin"--- Of course, a little has to do with our Project Runway connection but it's much more. John is very successful and is the Head of Merchandising for all the West Coast Marc Jacobs Boutiques. He also oversees their infamous windows and the creative aspect of them. I am so proud of him! In fact, recently, he just returned from Russia, where he was hand-picked to be at the Marc Jacobs Moscow Store Opening--along with Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy , the Marc Jacobs President. He recently had his Birthday (a Lady doesn't tell WHAT Birthday!) at The Little Door, a French-Moroccan restaurant that I LOVE! Straight John: John and his fan club of lovely ladies I was honored to have been there and been invited. I had a lot of fun. His closest and most trusted of friends --mostly from Marc Jacobs---were in attendance. The dinner (and all that Champagne and Red wine) was delicious! There was a minor "snafu" when the waiter mistakenly took my Filet Mignon dinner away even though I had barely taken two bites (they brought me a whole new one 20 minutes later), but other than that , it was fabulous! I even think John took a bite at his Birthday "cake"--a wonderful assortment of cheesecake, cookies and various sweets. Feliz Cumpleanos John!!!!

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