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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Finale Brunch and NY Wrap Party

Hours After being Crowned the Winner: Leanne and Nick Verreos at Official Wrap party (I did not know she had won of course!) Finale Wrap-Ups....Since last week was the final episode of Season 5 Project Runway, I thought it would be fitting to do some "Season 5 Wrap Ups". During my trip to New York City last month to attend the Bryant Park Show, I was lucky enough to have been invited (along with David, of course) to a Post Finale Brunch as well as to the Wrap Party that occurred the same day of the Finale Show, and hours after the last "And the Winner Is'" episode was shot. I saved these fun photos and my recap of the day (and night) until now....Hope you enjoy! Bloody Mary or Mimosa?Brunch Dishing: Saturn's Lisa Gilpin, Nick Verreos, and friend Taylor Schultz Every season, after the Project Runway Finale Bryant Park Show, it has been the tradition for Bravo to throw a fabulous "Post-Show Brunch" at Bryant Park Grill next to the tents. It was a great way for clients, producers and former Project Runway alum, to mingle, dish on the show and grab some delicious omelets and Mimosas...However, for some reason, this season, this Bryant Park Grill Brunch was not occurring. David and I were ready to head back to our hotel and have our own intimate post-show dishing brunch---until my good friend, Lisa Gilpin, of Saturn (and my Front Row seat-mate at the show), invited us to a "hush-hush" brunch at the stylish Royalton Hotel, being thrown for clients and sponsors of the show, including L'Oreal, Tre Semme, Bravo and of course, Saturn. David and I also brought our NY friend, Taylor Schultz, who attended the finale show with us (he was tickled of course!)Royalton Post Show Brunch: David Paul, Laura K, and Molly, smiling after a couple of Mimosas Once there, we were so happy to see the entire Blogging Project Runway "crew", Miss Laura K., "TBone" and "The Scarlett". Between all of us, we set up our own Project Runway booth at the restaurant and proceeded to have a delicious brunch and one too many Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. We discussed who our favorites were, who we thought should win, whose collection was the best (and the worst) and so on. It may not have been like the traditional Bryant Park Grille Brunch, but we had a great time nonetheless. The Official Wrap Party: White Pants After Labor Day? John Wade and Nick Verreos Break the Rules, New York City, September '08 After the wonderful Royalton Hotel Brunch, David and I returned back to our hotel, The Hudson, to grab a "Disco Nap" so we would be ready for what the evening had in store for us. Well, because of the early morning "call time" for the Finale Bryant Park Show, our supposed brief nap, turned into a full-blown 4 HOUR SIESTA!!!! Once up, I checked my Blackberry and got messages, inviting me to the Official Wrap Party being given by the producers of the show. On our way out of the hotel, guess who we ran into? Season 2 Designer and Marc Jacobs West Coast Manager, John Wade! He was in New York to attend his boss' New York Fashion Week Spring '09 Collection, as well as for the Marc Jacobs "Buys"-- when all the stores' managers survey the collection and decide what they will order for their boutiques. By coincidence, he happened to be staying at The Hudson and was returning after a 14-hour workday. I begged him to come with us to the Wrap Party, but he could barely keep his eyes open. He did just for the two seconds it took to take a photo(see above).Wrap Party Sandwich: Saturn's Lisa Gilpin, Nick Verreos and Season 5 Finalist, Korto (looking REALLY HAPPY!) Once at the Wrap Party, I was happy to say "Hi" to all the Season 5 Designers and "feel out" the ones who showed at Bryant Park (to see if I could take a good guess who had been crowned the winner of Season 5). I immediately greeted Leanne Marshall, and met her boyfriend and friends, who came out from Portland. I assumed she had won, since I thought her collection was the best. I even congratulated her (even though, of course, I did not know who had really won) but her and friends had major "poker faces" on: Her demeanor seemed solemn, sad and to be honest, not one of a "winner". Maybe she was just so tired from it all, which is totally understandable. I then made a bee-line to Korto. Maybe I could see if she was acting like a "winner". She was. If she could have, she would have been dancing on top of the bar's tables! She was dancing, singing, having a Gay Ol' time! So, that left me thinking: Did Korto win? Because she sure was acting like it. Leanne's Muse: Nick Verreos with Leanne Marshall's model, Tia, at Season 5 Wrap Party, New York City, September '08 I also recognized some of Season 5 Models, including Leanne's (Tia), as well as Korto's, the Latinalicious (my tribute to Blayne!), Katrina Munez. Of course, I also made a point to say Hello to the great Magical Elves producers, cameramen, and sound guys present. I tried to get something out of them, in terms of who won. But no one was telling. I left the party thinking that Korto had won, BUT with a little bit of doubt on my mind...Little did I know!! Make Me A Project Runway Supermodel: Nick Verreos hangs out with Season 5 Models at the Season 5 Wrap Party in New York City, September '08

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