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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 5 Project Runway Recaps: Finale NY Fashion Week

And The Winner Is..... Front Row and Center:As I previously wrote, I was lucky enough to have attended the actual Project Runway Finale Fashion Show at the Bryant Park tents. I even got to sit front row--almost directly across from Nina, Heidi, Michael and Season 4 Winner Miss Christian Siriano! It was a mixed blessing, to say the least: I was so excited--beyond belief--that I was sitting at such a prime spot, but then when the fashions came down the runway, the Instructor Nick in me could spot every loose thread, every last-minute made-up dart, every not-so-well sewn zipper. I was struck by the fact that there was no "Oh My God, I LOVE THAT!" moment or as a lot of people at the show were saying: There was no Christian Moment or Rami Moment or Jay McCarroll Moment, where you know there was a "Star". I know from experience that TV makes everything look prettier than it really is (I love that--especially in my season and with a lot of the designs I did!) , and therefore was excited to see how the epsiode would pan out... Pre-Show: After Jerell got eliminated, it was down to an All-Girl Season 5 Finale. I figured as much because the other designers (lucky them!) who got to show at Bryant Park (as "decoys") weren't so stellar. So it was not a surprise to see Cut-and Cry Kenley, Korto and Leanne in the Finale Three. They were the best who showed that morning in New York. They had their requisite model casting (no drama there), and met with the L'Oreal and Tre Semme Make-Up and Hair experts to give their vision for their final collections. Workroom: In their new make-shift workroom, the designers made some good use of their limited time: Korto worked on new pieces that she felt she needed to add to her collection while Kenley looked on with disdain and some bitchy jealousy. While "Geeks Unite Empress", Leanne, just focused on her fittings (and making sure model Tia's doggie wouldn't poop on her wondrous dresses!) The Final Show: Kenley:Kenley's designs were nice, but not winning. The fit was good but what struck me, was a sense of "all over the place" from her. There were great fitting Edwardian sleeve dresses in fabulous prints or silk jacquards and I LOVED a black high-neck fitted dress (that model seriously must have had THE LONGEST center front neck to waist measurement I have EVER seen!) but then there were some misses. The bustier with a graphic overskirt screamed 80's back-up dancer for Toni Basil---and that's not a good thing! And the too-short Bridesmaid Dress seem to come from nowhere. Why all of a sudden, Miss I-Love-Vintage Kenley wants to do a dress I can find in David's Bridal is beyond me. The judges thought the collection was a bit too "knock off" of Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Therefore she was eliminated. Korto: As I said in my recap of the Bryant Park Show, I LOVED Korto's "Sexy Girl In Liberia" vibe--my favorite looks from her were an ivory silk shantung ruffled top and wide-legged pants ensemble. I hope Korto kissed and thanked that model who wore the outfit because she WORKED IT overtime!!! I also loved the emerald green jeweled silk shantung halter gown her model, Katrina, wore. But during that final show, right as she passed the judges---and me--she flashed her g-string underwear, and I thought I had seen to San Juan Puerto Rico and back! But of course, this didn't make it into the final episode (like I said, I love TV!). Korto's collection was good but had some flaws. As I waited for Leanne's, I was still looking forward to that "Christian" or "Rami" moment of fashion epiphany. Leanne: As soon as the first couple of looks exited, I knew Leanne should be the winner: Her collection looked mature, sleek, cohesive and well-executed. Yes, the petal-theme was a bit redundant. But, of all the collections, it was, to me, the best. I especially loved the off-white organza top and powder-blue petal skirt ensemble, as well as her winning Wedding Gown. My only critique would be those wedge heels that were prominently featured. They were not cute. And didn't belong with the collection--or especially that gown. It was a bit of unfortunate styling. They were especially evident in that wedding dress, since the gown seemed a bit too short for the model. But other than that, I thought that Leanne's was the winning collection---and so did the Finale Judges. Congratulations Leanne Marshall--a FIDM San Francisco Graduate residing in Portland, Oregon. Hope to see you at a FIDM event sometime soon!!!

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