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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 5 Project Runway Recaps: Finale Part 1

Here Comes The Bride...All Dressed In Champagne Gathered Taffeta and Grey Tulle? Two episodes until the Finale of Season 5 of Project Runway and it's "Design Crunch Time" for the remaining four designers. When we last left them, their designs for the last challenge (the Nature-inspired evening gowns) were so un-inspiring, that the judges could not make a cut and were left with the decision of allowing them all--Jerell, Kenley, Korto and Leanne-- to go home and design a collection for Bryant Park. The Challenge: Before getting on that One-way Economy Class trip back to their respective homes, Heidi Klum gives them their last challenge: Along with their collection, they are also to design a Wedding Gown, and when they return , one designer would be "cut". 2 1/2 Months to Design a Collection? With almost all the previous four seasons, the Final designers had approximately 6 months to go home and design their collections. Because of the logistics of filming and TV airing time, the remaining 4 designers only had 2 1/2 months! They ended filming in early July and had to show at New York Fashion Week in September. My main concern involved whether or not that would be enough time for them, and if that time crunch would then result in not-so-finished designs. Tim Visits: Korto, the Drum QueenTim departs his humble Manhattan pied-de-terre and visits the respective designers' homes. He heads to Arkansas to visit Korto, where we see she has been making good use of her time and has a whole design studio set up. Tim gives positive feedback regarding the color palette of her collection. Her champagne-colored wedding dress is pretty--especially all that intricate hand-pleated detail-- but doesn't really scream "Wedding Gown", as Tim points out. Korto then invites Tim back to her house to meet her friends and family, including her precious daughter Elise, and gives him an impromptu drum performance. I would have paid A LOT OF MONEY to see Tim break out in an African dance routine in that pinstriped suit of his! Leanne: Petal to the MedalTim then flies out to Portland, Oregon, to check in on Leanne. After greeting Leanne in her apartment, we meet her cute boyfriend, Nathan (who is a a male version of Leanne) as well as the collection she has been working on. The collection is SO LEANNE: The sublime color story, the delicate petal detail. Gorgeous! It's calm, collected and un-ostentatious--just like Leanne herself. Her wedding gown, though beautiful, seemed a bit too overworked and lacked the ease and flow of the rest of her designs. She then invites Tim for a bike ride (you know these are the moments the fans of Project Runway LIVE for!). Seeing Tim in his bike-headgear made up for not seeing him do a Liberian Drum dance! Jerell: Pirates of The Caribbean Meets LAAfter Portland, Tim heads to Los Angeles to see how Miss Jerell is doing. Well, how do I say this delicately: It was a bit of a mess (that wasn't so delicate, sorry). When the camera panned on a bustier dress that Jerell tried to drape netting over it, I think I heard half of West Hollywood scream a loud "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" It was very "Pirates of The Caribbean". His wedding dress was a Top-of-Wedding Cake confection that even Jessica McClintock would not allow in her own store. Tim is then invited to Jerell's home. Once there, the entire "Jerell LA Posse" was on hand--including his mom, sister, best friends and his dear boyfriend-- to lend support, love and admiration. Cut & Cry Kenley at Home:Last but certainly not least, Tim visits Santino, ooops I mean Kenley. Of course, we are all hoping Tim hates her collection and that it's a vintage mess. It is not. It actually looks great. Miss Kenley somehow pulled it out! Instead of slapping her across the face, Tim wants to congratulate her. Kenley then cries. And cries and cries some more. I was ready for that expected "Project Runway Story Arc" where we would hear some sob story about how she was abused as a child and taunted during high school and that's why she's such a bitch and therefore we should feel sorry for her. Alas, we find out her dear grandmother, who was a great influence in her life, had just recently passed away. It was also interesting that she had no "friends and family" meeting with Tim, like most of the other designers. Return to New York: Reformed Kenley? Back in New York, the designers return and had an awkward "Welcome Back" moment with Kenley. Korto, Jerell and Leanne at first would have nothing to do with the new "reformed I-am-sorry-for-being-such-a-Bitch-Kenley". But after she gives a tepid apology, all is forgiven. I am sure she watched herself on TV, read the fans' comments on various sites and blogs and the light bulb of "maybe I should apologize and come off nicer on TV" turned on. After greeting them, Tim Gunn then announced that they had, yet ANOTHER Challenge: To design a corresponding Bridesmaid Dress! After the requisite "I am so proud of you" Tim Gunn speech (did someone have to give him Visine Teardrops for that scene?), they were off and working for this down-to-the-Top Three Elimination. The Runway Show: Leanne: The Next Vera Wang? Leanne's was by far the best of the group. Tia modeled her wedding gown as if it was Paris Fashion Week! The gown fit beautifully, the proportions were modern yet elegant and the pockets were chic! Her bridesmaid design also just as exceptional. I'm glad she listened to Tim and made it short (and no, it wasn't to copy Kenley!). I am sure Leanne will be getting some private clients asking for her to design their wedding gowns. Do we have the next Vera Wang on our hands? Just remember Leanne: $5,000 and up for a Made-to-Order Wedding Dress. If someone wants a $299 one from you, send them to David's Bridal! Kenley: Alexander McQueen's Gal Kenley's strapless feathered wedding dress was a knock-off of Alexander McQueen's from his "Elizabethan Collection" as Michael Kors pointed out, so in terms of originality, not much there. But it was "very Kenley" in terms of the silhouette; well-made and fun! I liked it. I was not so much a fan of her bridesmaid creation however. It was too short. But again, the fit, especially in the upper torso, was exceptional. Korto: Where's The Bride?Oh Miss Korto, we love you and want you to show at Bryant Park, so first of all: Stop crying (OK, what was it about all the Season 5 Designers and the crying?). Now, look at your wedding dress and start taking off some of that overwrought detail, remove her big chunky necklace and give her a feminine bouquet to replace the sad one she was carrying. OK, that's better. Now go make that Bridesmaid dress over again! We will forgive you this time. Jerell: Christian Lacroix Wedding CakeThe judges had mixed feelings regarding Jerell's wedding dress. Michael Kors liked the bottom half, but felt the top was too busy, and Heidi didn't even know what to say. Nina, of course, did have something to say, and unfortunately it had "dirty" and "grey" in the sentence. They were all in agreement, however, when it came to his bridesmaid dress. It looked cheap and wrinkled. The "Let-me-just-pin-some-flowers-from-Michael's-Arts-and-Craft-Store" did not help. For this reason, he was let go. I love me some Jerell, but I just do not know if that one dress will make that Met Museum Jerell Retrospective you want to have 50 years from now. Congratulations to Kenley, Korto, and Leanne for making the Top Three. Power to the Ladies! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday Leanne---Hope you had a Fabulous Birthday!!!! xoxo Uncle Nick

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krystina said...

too funny- your recap is on :) loving your blog, can't wait to hear your thoughts on the designers' final collections.

I'm sure it'll be closed down soon, but I already sent Leanne an Etsy email for a custom wedding gown, haha.. I'm shopping and haven't seen anything like it, totally in love.

Anonymous said...

i think nick verreos is smoking HOT!!! i was very upset that he was not in the final 3 but very pleased that he is doing well as he is a very fantastic designer...and i so love the white pants with the khaki jacket and blue and white check shirt yummy!!!