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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos' Sears Grant A Wish Commercial

I Wish for a Sewing Machine! I am very proud to announce that I just finished filming the 2008 Holiday Commercial and Ad Campaign for Sears. I was approached over a month ago to be part of this AMAZING ad campaign that would be based on WISHES. The executives told me that, along with rapper and entertainment mogul, LL Cool J, High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens and Ty Pennington from ABC's Extreme Makeover, they wanted me to be part of this upcoming ad campaign. I told them how my Mom had given me my Mamaita's (grandmother) Singer Sewing Machine when I was young and how that must have inspired me and many, MANY YEARS, later, influenced me and inspired me to be the designer that I am today... And to top it off, the sewing machine was actually from SEARS!!! ( I am not even kidding!) Well, as I have said before "Done and D0ne". They loved it and felt, "There's Our Commercial".
The ad was filmed "confessional style" with no script and at one point, I became rather emotional (figures!), it was like my exit interview for Project Runway ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Part of me was like "Not again!" They even used some of my gowns in the shoot--from past and current collections. Hope everyone's wishes come through during the Holidays and maybe, just maybe, there's a young boy or girl somewhere in America whose parents might notice this special talent of drawing clothes and decide to get him a sewing machine from Sears. Who knows? The best gifts are the ones in which the giver REALLY gives it a lot of thought. I know my Mommie did. She somehow knew.... Click below for the commercial which will begin running next week and try not to laugh at my "baby photos". Don't you just love the fact that I couldn't find any COLOR photos of myself when I was young---now THAT really makes me feel OLD!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday (shopping)! xoxo Nick

5 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos' Sears Grant A Wish Commercial"

richardbowman said...

that is so hot

Laura K said...

Love this and I can't wait to see it on TV.

praddicted said...

Adorable, Nick-just like you. Happy Holiday season to you and yours.

Sparkliesunshine said...

I saw this commercial today and loved it.

maddie said...

I would like to know the name of the song played in the commercial. it's beautiful.