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NIKOLAKI.....Islands Of The World Fashion Week Bahamas 2008 Begins

Islands Of The World Fashion Week: Here we come!!! The day has arrived. After months and months of design, ordering fabric, draping, pattern making, muslin sample sewing, subsequent fixing of patterns, creating the final runway samples, designing runway make-up and hair ideas, runway-music mixing, model fittings, and many custom government delivery forms later, we are here. Today, David Paul and I, depart for Nassau, The Bahamas to debut our NIKOLAKI Spring 2009 Collection. Over 6 months ago, I was invited to partake in the first ever Islands Of the World Fashion Week and showcase my newest collection---as well as make special appearances as part of the festivities, and ultimately judge the Fashion Week's Collections designed by over 30 designers from all over the world. Above and below are some one-of-a-kind special illustrations I sketched to commemorate the occasion, and to give a "sneak peak" of what NIKOLAKI Spring 2009 will look like (save the Bahamas Carnival Costume!) My collection will be about "Cinematic Glamour"--but a particular kind of cinematic glamour (more on that later!); decadent, elegant yet sexy, lots of Red Carpet-worthy designs. Hopefully, my readers can make it to the Bahamas--and if not, I will make sure to take lots of photos!!! Wish me Luck and Bon Voyage!

2 Responses to "NIKOLAKI.....Islands Of The World Fashion Week Bahamas 2008 Begins"

Shelagh said...

Welcome to Nassau - it is wonderful to have you here. Your fans here cannot wait to see your collection (especially the Bahamian surprise). We have ordered up fabulous weather for all of you and hope you enjoy our hospitality and country. Don't leave without enjoying our island beaches.....ask Vanessa about "Rose island"?

shaz said...

I saw you walking on Bay street on Saturday 11/8! How exciting!!!!
Loved you on Project Runway...definitely one of my fav designers. Best of luck to you!