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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Atlantis Resort Bahamas

"Uncle Nick" Has Fun in the Bahamas! Sharp Suits: Bahamian police in their finest uniforms, Nassau. To put a punctuation in my Bahamas Islands of The World Fashion Week recaps, I thought it would only be appropriate to end with photos and recollections of my "Fun Day" in this gorgeous Caribbean Island, and especially my adventures at the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island.View from my Pool Chair: Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. The ever-accommodating Islands of The World Fashion Week clients booked both David and I at the unbelievable Atlantis Resort and from the moment we were dropped off at it's main entrance, all I could think of was "Oh My God, this is HUUUUUGE!". I was really looking forward to staying at the Atlantis because up to now all I had as a reference was two TV shows: The Oprah Winfrey Show and Regis and Kelly. I remember watching these shows when they filmed from The Atlantis and all I could think was "One of these days...I want to go there!". Well, be careful what you wish for. Here I was, witnessing one of the largest tropical resorts in the world. Picture this: Combine two Las Vegas Bellagio Hotels, Disneyland, a Huge Water park, and add a Beach. The end result: The Atlantis in Paradise Island. View from My Room: A Tropical Paradise in the Atlantis, Paradise Island During my week in the Bahamas, we were treated like royalty and attended many "Fashion Week" parties as I previously wrote. The third day there, at the "Culture and Arts Welcoming Party", I was met by a couple of surprise guests: My beautiful niece and nephew, Casia and Alain. My parents had flown in from San Antonio Texas, where they now reside, and brought the kids with them--as a surprise to me. I knew my parents were flying to the Bahamas--in support of my fashion show--but I had no idea that my nephew and niece were coming along. They instantly jumped on top of Uncle Nick and didn't let go---except when I threatened to push them into the fire-filled limbo dancing segment; that's when they ran away! Junkanoo Greeting: Alain, Junkanoo performer, Casia and Nick Verreos Of course, the next day, they just wanted to have an entire "Play Day" with their uncle, but unfortunately, I was there to work. I had fashion show judging to do, press interviews, fittings and alterations as well as other peripheral fashion week duties. Toward the end of the week, however, I managed to end my "day of duties" early and got a nice afternoon to spend with them, where we ended up enjoying the Atlantis Water slides and nearby beach. Conch Anyone? Alain, Uncle Nick Verreos and Casia, show off Bahamas culinary must-try delicacy, conch fritters But first, I had to have a plateful of the famous Bahamian Conch Fritters that all our local hosts kept raving about (they were curiously good, crunchy and somewhat spicy, which I like!). Of course, Alain and Casia didn't even go near it! The word Conch does not sound as appetizing to a 12 and 9 year old, the way popcorn chicken and fries do! Now, we were ready for Uncle Nick to finally get his toes wet. Four days in the Bahamas and I had not even stepped in a pool! So you know, I was ready!Manta Ray Heaven: A lagoon filled with Manta Rays at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island In case you didn't know, the Atlantis Resort has a 97-acre waterscape, featuring 20 million gallons of lagoons, pools, waterfalls and subterranean aquariums. Some of lagoons are filled with sharks, Manta Rays and with what seemed like every other species of fish known to man! And that's not to mention all the water slides strewn all over the resort. It seems that at almost every turn, there was a new water slide adventure. Take a Dip: My niece Casia and nephew Alain get ready to swim in one of the Atlantis resort pools It's a kid's PARADISE! Of course, my niece and nephew went CRAZEEE! It's not necessarily an adult's resort--if you want quiet, relaxing, no-kids-screaming getaway---you might have to go somewhere else for that (I hear there's a more "adult" Cove section of the Atlantis, which we never got to see). Jaws Alert! A Shark swims by my niece and nephew,Casia and Alain, in the Mayan Temple Lagoon/Aquarium My nephew immediately dared me to go on the famed Mayan Temple, a 60 foot vertical drop (yep, that's what I said) that ends in a clear tunnel INSIDE a shark-filled lagoon. I am not going to lie (if my nephew reads this, he will get a good laugh!), but I was NERVOUS! But I did it. Like THREE TIMES! We also enjoyed the nearby Challenger slides where you can challenge your "slide partner" to a slide race. Casia and I challenged each other. I think she won. We ended our late afternoon with a quick run to the beach (it was late and getting dark). Click below for a fun little video I filmed of my nephew and niece in the Atlantis Resort paradise Island Beach: Toward the end of our stay in the Bahamas, David and I finally got to have some downtime, unfortunately, Hurricane Gustav was approaching and the weather drastically changed from sunny gorgeous to "Are we in Seattle?". But that did not stop us from having a "Nick & David Day" at the Atlantis Slides. This time, it was David's turn at the slides since he had not stepped foot in water the entire time we had been there! We did the Mayan Temple vertical drop slide (I dared him this time), and the 120 foot Power Tower, which featured 4 different slides, including a 50 foot drop into darkness (that was cool!). We also did the Lazy River, a relaxing slow float through a portion of the resort, where you just sit on an inner tube and let the man-made currents do their thing. I am too hyperactive and that one bored me to tears! I couldn't wait to get back on that Mayan Temple vertical drop instead! Bahamas Dinin': Dinner at the Seafire Steakhouse in the Atlantis Resort, Paradsie Island To cap our stay at the Islands of The World Fashion Week, we decided to have a wonderful dinner in the resort. The Atlantis features over 20 restaurants, some world-renowned such as Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill and Nobu . We ended up having our final-night dinner at the Seafire Steakhouse with David's Mom and her friend, Blanche (both of whom came to the Bahamas via San Diego to see our Spring '09 Collection) and our VIP Hostess/Coordinator/Assistant/Manager/Model/Girl about Town, Miss Vanessa Pritchard. I called her my amazonian "Girl Friday". You may recall how in my last "Bahamas" posting (scroll below), I wrote about her elite lineage and how her family were the founders of John Bull, one of the premiere Caribbean high-end shopping boutiques in the Caribbean. As much as we loved our week in the Caribbean, we could not wait to get back to our doggy, Benny, whom we had left at his "Doggy Resort" at LA Dogworks for a week. You can tell how much Benny missed "Daddy" David (and vice versa) from the photo below!David reconnects with our 1 1/2 year old dog, Benny, after a week in The Bahamas

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