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FIDM.....FIDM San Francisco Debut Show and More!

FIDM Debut Fashion Show "By The Bay"Say CHEESE: Nick Verreos and FIDM SF prospective student, Annie Kuang make a "funny face" Last year, I was invited to San Francisco to introduce the FIDM Debut Fashion Show and meet-and-greet hopeful incoming students. I had such great fun, that this year, I was delighted to do it again and make a reprise "special appearance" for the San Francisco FIDM campus. The show culminates a whole days activities involving the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising San Francisco Campus "Open House" events. During the first part of the day, high school students who are thinking of coming to FIDM, get a tour of the Union Square-adjacent campus (fabulous location, by the way--right near H & M, Barneys NY and Macy's!), as well as learn about all the different majors, departments and opportunities the school has to offer. Afterward, the students and their families were "shuttled" to the wonderful Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium to be the VIP guests at the FIDM Debut 2008 Fashion Show.Happy Nick Seat: Virgin America First Class seats make Uncle Nick smile! It's funny because on the way there, on my cozy Virgin America First Class flight from LA (yes, I had to upgrade huney, it makes all the difference, even for an hour flight!), I noticed an inordinate amount of six foot tall, size 2 women--as well as their male counterparts---so I figured that they were on their way to do the SF Debut Show (I guessed right!). So, I dubbed that flight "The Model Flight". I was SO TEMPTED to do the "Emergency Demonstrations" runway-style on the plane's aisles!! Nob Hill Fashion: Models at the Finale of the Debut 2008 Fashion Show at Masonic Auditorium, SF Once in SF, I checked into my favorite Hotel Monaco and got ready to go to the event. Once again, I introduced the show and spoke a little bit about how I was a student at FIDM, and now teach there of course, as well some going-down-memory-lane stories about how I "broke the news" to my parents about wanting to be a designer. Then it was time for the show. The show highlighted collections from last year's Advanced Fashion Design students, showing both menswear and womenswear, sportswear and couture and a lot in between. The near-capacity auditorium audience LOVED it! I especially heard screams when the bare-chested sexy male models strutted their stuff. You'd think it was a Chippendale's show or something. But no, it's FIDM's Debut Show!San Francisco Fashionistas: Nick Verreos poses with fashionable guests of the FIDM SF Debut '08 Show Immediately following the show, I told the audience that I would be waiting for them in the entry area of the auditorium ,to sign autographs and take all the photos they wanted....Well, I barely made it into the foyer because everyone coming out of the show wanted a photo right there and then--it was kind of crazy. After some shoving and maneuvering, I finally made it to my "position" and began my Facebook and MySpace photo duties! It was estimated that about 200-300 kids stayed and I posed with every one of them--and about 2 hours later (and an extra shiny/sweaty forehead T-Zone later), my "duties" were over! I had the best time meeting all the kids and seeing their creativity in their choice of outfits (one of my favorites was this stylish young man in an YSL t-shirt and striped cardigan). Club Fierce: Santa Cruz students pose with Nick Verreos after the Debut '08 Show I even met this whole "crew" of Santa Cruz fashion design lovers, who named themselves "Club Fierce". They are made up of a bunch of gorgeous girls and ONE guy, Casey, who, naturally, is the "founder" and "Head Momma" (sorry Casey!). Learn How To Sketch Kids: Yves Saint Laurent's gorgeous fashion illustration from De Young YSL Retrospective The day after the event, my weekend in San Francisco ended with an "Amazing Race" twist: I REALLY wanted to see the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective at the De Young Museum, since I didn't know when I would be back to SF and have the time to see it before it closed (March '09). But my plane left at 2 PM and it was 11 AM. So...I left my hotel, hailed a cab, drove to the De Young, told the cab to meet me back in one hour. Mondrian Couture: Yves Saint Laurent's iconic "Mondrian Dress" is on display at San Francisco's De Young Museum I ran into the museum, spent 45 minutes and quickly viewed some of the most AMAZING Haute Couture YSL pieces, then went to the Museum Store, bought the accompanying exhibit book, and ran back out, to my awaiting cab. We then rushed back to the hotel, I checked out, got back into the cab and drove straight to the airport. I barely made it on my plane but I DID IT--all within an hour! I felt like I was in an "Amazing Race: The San Francisco Edition " episode. I thought Phil Keoghan would be waiting for me at the airport telling me that I had made it! I hope I will be back to San Francisco to really take the time to see the YSL Retrospective since viewing it all in 45 minutes is almost insulting. There were so many incredible pieces and I am such a fan of the genius that was "the Master Couturier", that I must come back and spend a whole day next time. I hope my warm First Class Virgin America white leather seat will be waiting for me!

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