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RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan Menswear Fashion Week: DSquared2, Gucci F/W 2009

Menswear Runway Fashion Shows: Milan The Twins taking their DSquared bow, in their white dinner jackets and high-heeled boots DSquared2: The twins at DSquared designed another romp of a collection featuring their hot sexy and very pumped up boys. Lots of vests, bow ties and shrunken shearling jackets. Since it's a Fall/Winter Collection, there wasn't ONE half-naked model down the runway, which, if you follow DSquared fashion shows, is usually a VERY COMMON sight!
DSquared2: Shrunken Shearling
DSquared2: Don't throw your vests out of your closet just yet
Gucci: Think 1960s rock band musician meets glam rock punk trust-fund baby. Tight, skinny and very shrunken (Is SHRUNKEN the theme of choice for Menswear 2009/10?) Skinny ties, lurex shrunken suits and lots of tight skinny pants. It looked fabulous on the 18 year old Manorexic male models but I wonder how those looks will look on the 50 year old men who will actually be able to afford a $800 pair of pants or an $6,000 suit. This collection has Mick Jagger written all over it!
Gucci: Shrunken cardigan, skinny tie and skinny pants
Gucci: Shrunken suits
Click BELOW for both the DSquared and Gucci Menswear runway fashion shows

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