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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network 2009 Golden Globes Fashion Wrap

The US Economy may be in a Slump....but IT'S AWARDS SEASON ! Nick Verreos and Lisa Rinna dish, post Golden Globes Red Carpet Hi guys, well, it is Awards Season and the Golden Globes is the first show of the new year. And I am back doing my post-show red carpet dishing on the TV Guide Network's Fashion Wraps With Lisa Rinna. Watch me, along with the resident style expert TV Guide "crew", comment on who makes our list for "Best" and "Worst". I always love doing these and this time, it should be a "hoot" and a half---it always is when we get together. Watch and see how much my "T-zone" will act up from how hot those studio lights are! Check your local TV/cable listings but it is scheduled to air Monday January 12Th, beginning at 7 PM and re-airing at 8, 9, and 11 PM.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick you looked handsome as ever in the red carpet! My friend Tisha Deshields did the gifting suite. Her co is Original Bellyworks I dont know if you had time to stop by. Thanks for adding me on myspace cant wait to get your questions!