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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Washington D.C. 2009 Inaugural

It's COOOOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! Chillin' In DC: Nick Verreos standing outside the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History On Thursday evening, I landed in Washington D.C. and after getting my luggage, stepped outside and almost froze my fragile Southern California used-to-85-Degree-weather body. It was a chilly 18 Degrees. Yep. Cold. Really cold. I praised the Fashion God of Marc Jacobs for making the knee-length parka coat with fur-lined attached hood that I brought with me---as well my my friend, John Wade, who works for Marc Jacobs and convinced me to buy it, even though I was in LA at the time and it was 75 Degrees! As you may know, I was invited to the Nation's Capital, to host and showcase my "First Lady" inspired gowns at the California State Society and FIDM presents the Presidential Inaugural Luncheon and Fashion Show, which is tomorrow Sunday January 18Th. I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow's event since finding out that many illustrious guests , including California Senator Diane Feinstein and San Francisco's Mayor, Gavin Newsom as well as former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, have confirmed their attendance. So far David and I have been busy with rehearsals, fittings and some sight-seeing (even though it really is too cold to be outdoors sightseeing unfortunately). We did get to visit the phenomenal Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the nearby Museum of Natural History (I know, I was feeling "cultured"). I will have fun photos and even video after I return to LA. Several web blogs have already posted some press regarding the event tomorrow, including the and Loreen's Blog of Celebrities/OK! Click HERE and HERE to read more...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Verreos! This is Rhea, the Ambassador's assistant - you might remember me from the party at the Embassy last night? I just wanted to let you know that it was truly a pleasure to meet you. You and David really were a breath of fresh air, in a room of...let's just say, DC suits. ;) It may be a bit late, but welcome to DC, and I hope you enjoy all that it has to offer, even the COLD. LOL! Take care, and best of luck!