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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network 2009 Oscars Fashion Wrap with Lisa Rinna

Oscars Fashion Wrap Madness and Dior's "Junon" gown makes a Comeback???
Lisa Rinna and Nick Verreos on TV Guide Network Fashion Wrap
Yes kids, it's that time again for the Oscars Fashion Wraps---make sure to watch, starting tonight at 7, 8, 9 and 11 PM on the TV Guide Network--check you local listings and your cable provider (sounds so official!!!). Along with the "TV Guide Network Panel of Experts", stylist Jennifer Rade (she styles Angelina Jolie!), Lawrence Zarian, and colorist-to-the-stars Kim Vo, I joined in on the fun. This was our last Fashion Wrap of the 2008-2009 Awards Season and trust me, we ended with a Fashion Bang!
Look Familiar? Zuhair Murad's Spring 2009 Couture Gown and Christian Dior's "Junon" gown from Fall 1949
Speaking of a Fashion Bang: As I was watching the Pre-Oscar shows last night to see what all the actresses were wearing for the Academy Awards (since of course I have to do my "homework"), an "I-Have-Seen-That-Before" image instantly came to mind. As Miley Cyrus made her Red carpet appearance in a beaded gown by Lebanese couturier Zuhair Murad, I could not help but think "Oh My GAWWWD---that dress looks JUST like a very famous Christian Dior 'Junon' gown from his Fall 1949 Collection!!!!" In fact, I sprinted off my couch and instantly retrieved one of my many Haute Couture Books, "Haute Couture: The Metropolitan Museum of Art" and went right to the page that showcased this gorgeous and iconic Dior gown. See photos above for the Zuhair Murad gown as it was shown in Paris at his Spring 2009 Couture Collection, the original Dior "Junon" gown and Miley wearing the Murad gown at the Oscars Red Carpet. Looks kind of similar, what do you think? Watch tonight on the TV Guide Oscars Fashion Wrap with Lisa Rinna as I get to say a little bit of something about well as a lot more... Happy Awards Season!

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TG said...

i saw that -- good stuff!

David said...

Hello Nick,
I'm a broadcast journalism student at USC and am doing a story on past Project Runway contestants (who have agreed to be interviewed)in a kind of "what are they doing now," story.
One of your past students from FIDM suggested that I contact you I was wondering if you would have any time to be interviewed on camera. I apologize for requesting this through your blog, but I couldn't find your contacts in any way.

I shall provide more information via email if you're interested.

Thank you so, so much!! :)

Look forward to speaking with you!