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NICK APPEARANCES.....Happy Seattle

Seattle Diary--The Birthday Weekend! Put Your Lips Together...and Blow: Happy Birthday Nick! Last week, I was invited to judge the fabulous Project Red Dress as you all may know and had a great time! In addition to this event, I was also happy to be in Seattle for my Birthday! (It was the same day as the event). But since work calls, I did my duties at Project Red Dress, judged, surveyed the gowns and dresses, did some catwalkin' on the Fairmont Olympic Hotel Runway and met with a lot of the guests (and I took a lot of photos which I am sure I will be "tagged" in on Facebook!)Beard Cake: Nick Verreos Birthday Cake After the Project Red Dress fashion show and gala, I went to my Fairmont Olympic Hotel suite, did a bit of an outfit change and headed off to a fashion show, live concert that my Seattle friend (of Venezuelan descent) Eduardo, was producing. Because it was so late, the fashion show had ended, but I still wanted to stop by. I'm glad I did: Little did I know that he had "organized" along with a couple of my other Seattle friends, a "Birthday" mini-party! Another Venezuelan friend, the wonderful Jorge Hernandez, had commissioned and designed a "Nick" cake: He designed a delicious cake with my image--beard and faux-hawk included--I seriously could not believe it!!! I didn't even want to cut it! But I did, right into the beard! Thank you Eduardo and Jorge, you guys are too much! Nick with Cake: Nick Verreos and Seattle Designer, Logan Neitzel, holding up his Birthday Cake The following day, I had to give a 10 AM Workshop/Seminar on the Essence of Fit and Fit Models at the Tukwila campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology/IADT. I was happy to "instruct" Seattle design students and fans of Project Runway alike, on why a "Forever 21" small is very different from a "QVC" small, as well as bring some of my NIKOLAKI clothing line samples and show good vs. bad fit on an actual fit model. Fit Class: Nick Verreos during his Workshop at International Academy of Design and Technology/IADT Afterwards, I was delighted to enjoy a fantastic, family-style luncheon at Saffron Kabobs, a Bellevue Persian food restaurant (the BEST in Seattle!). I love me some Persian Food--in fact so much so, people question if instead of being half-Greek, I may be half Persian!). Cake No. 2: Saffron Kabobs' Chocolate Cake for Nick's Birthday Well, guess what? After eating enough Koubideh Kabob, Tahdik, Gormeh Sabzi and Saffron Rice to feed an entire family, they brought out a Birthday cake!!! Yep, it officially became Nick's Birthday Weekend! View From The Top: David Paul and Nick Verreos at the Columbia Tower Club (notice the sea plane passing in the background) Then, if that was not enough, David and I were treated to an amazing view of Seattle--atop 75 stories! Our driver, Amy of Amy's Limo--my "official chauffeur" in Seattle (I love Miss Amy!)--wanted to give David and I a special treat: She invited us to the exclusive Columbia Tower Club. It was Valentine's Day after all and she wanted to celebrate it with us!!! It is a private membership club, restaurant and bar where the creme de la creme of Seattle come to get away from it all--and have a private dinner, after-work business cocktail meeting or Valentine's Day drinks and cake, like us. Valentine's Day Threesome: David Paul, Amy of Amy's Limo, and Nick Verreos posing at the Columbia Tower Club Words cannot describe the view from the Columbia Tower Club. You see all of Seattle. The iconic Space Needle looks miniscule from a 75 story view, let me tell you! We could see everything! At one point, as we took a photo, a small sea-plane happened to be passing by--and Amy captured it (see photo above). Say Cheese: Nick Verreos and a delicious Birthday Cheesecake at the Columbia Tower Club Seattle We enjoyed our Valentine's Evening drinks and the staff then brought out a delicious Cheese Cake and sang "Happy Birthday". It was my third "Birthday Cake in two days--and I was loving it! The beautiful Seattle view, plus the cake, made for a perfect ending to my "Birthday Weekend" in Seattle. Unforgettable.

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!!Estella!! said...

Happy Birthday Nick!

I LOOOOOOVEE your designs!

God Bless you!