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FIDM.....FIDM Museum 2009 Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit

And The Oscars for Best Costume Design Goes To.....
Super Trouper: Nick Verreos stands by the costumes of "Mamma Mia!"
Last weekend, I was invited to the 17th Annual "Art of of Motion Picture Costume Exhibition" at the Downtown Los Angeles campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM. Of course, I had to attend! I missed last year's opening and therefore felt compelled to "make up for lost time". Also, my design partner and Vice-President of NIKOLAKI, David Paul is a member of the Motion Pictures Costumer's Union (Local 705) so he also wanted to come (finally , something he is also interested in!). As we showed up, a fabulous catered party awaited us before we even entered the exhibit (remind me again why I didn't attend last year?). Three's Company: David Paul, Raymundo Baltazar and Nick Verreos
We made the "rounds" and greeted old friends, FIDM staff and lots of Costume Designer Industry glitterati. I was so excited to run into my Project Runway Season 2 confidante, designer Raymundo Baltazar (a graduate of FIDM) that we almost knocked some other guests over!
California Gold: Raymundo Batazar, Huell Howser and Nick Verreos
We immediately spotted LA public TV icon, Huell Howser and had to get a photo. Love him! I also said "hello" to LA designer (and fellow Islands of the World Fashion Week designer) Kevan Hall, as we posed for photos. LA Fashion Week: Designers Nick Verreos and Estevan Ramos
Trying to make my way to the "make your own mini burger bar", I also ran into fellow LA designer-- and FIDM graduate of course-- Estevan Ramos. I spotted designer (and Costume Design Legend) Bob Mackie out of the corner of my eye but was too scared to say "hello"...Batman: "The Dark Knight" Costume designed by Lindy Hemming
Finally, David and I made it into the wonderful exhibit. There are over 20 movies represented (and its Costume Designers) in this glorious exhibition that it was almost too much to take in--especially in a quick tour such as this.
Heavenly Costumes: Ann Roth's "Doubt" costumes
But I made sure to stop and see the iconic construction and dark sexiness of designer Lindy Hemming's "The Dark Knight" Batman costume as well as Ann Roth's stark and memorable costumes for "Doubt" (including those worn by Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman). Panier Who? Cate Blanchett's costume for "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"
Other highlights included Alexandra Byrne's 2008 Academy Award-nominated costumes for "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" as well as Ann Roth's (she's a busy woman!) "Mamma Mia!" 70's Disco costumes. Those sequined bell sleeves slayed me to (happy) tears! There were so many others which I loved, such as "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", "Changeling", "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", as well as Sandy Powell's "The Other Boleyn Girl" (above) and Jacqueline West's sublime costumes for one of my favorite movies of 2008, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".I will definitely have to make a return trip so I can really appreciate the handwork, construction and beauty of these talented designers.I had to end my "tour" with a quick photo of one of my favorite "camp" films of the year: Mona May's (an FIDM Graduate) costumes for "The House Bunny" (above). My "gays" will be happy!

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