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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network 2009 Grammys Fashion Wrap

On Fire!!! Guitar Heroes: Jennifer Rade, Nick Verreos, Lisa Rinna, and Lawrence Zarian I just finished filming my "Grammy Awards Fashion Wraps with Lisa Rinna" and it was OUT OF CONTROL!! I do not know why but we were "on fire" (I know, who says that??). We had a rip-roaring hilarious time on the set so make sure to watch tonight on the TV Guide Network. Just a warning: We were in a fightin' mood kiddies!!! Let's just say that when it comes to fashion, the red carpet and the Grammy Awards, well, we do not HOLD BACK! It airs tonight, February 9Th, at 7, 8, 9 and 11 PM, but of course, as they say in "TV Land": Check your Local listings.

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samantha lyman said...

So here I am folding my (designer) laundry while watching the fashion wrap when I realize I am watching my old high-school-club-kid-dear-friend Nick! All my very best to you!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Where can I check out your stuff? I was following Top Design

Am I allowed to post about late nights and car crashes?????

Mad love, Samantha

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