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NICK Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress Episode 2

Click Above to watch Episode Two of the Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress from the official Academy Award Website, Now, that the designers have been chosen, it's time for the Model Castings. Watch as we go behind the scenes (like a "Nick" fly on the wall!) and see Patty Fox, Fashion Coordinator for the Academy Awards, as well as the producers of the live telecast, choose which 7 models will go on to compete for the Oscar Designer (and Escort) Challenge.
Mercedes in Vintage NIKOLAKI
I was so excited to find out that two of the 7 models that were chosen have modeled for me and my collection, NIKOLAKI, at various fashion shows, including Smashbox Los Angeles Fashion Week. The first one is the gorgeous Mercedes, whom I have known for AGES!! In fact, she was one of my first 'muses" when I began my line back in 2003. She modeled in my very first LA Fashion Week show and it's always like "good ol' times" when we see each other! She is, as they say "good people".Fanning the Model Flame: Oscar Model Hopeful Gerren
And the other girl is a fabulous model named Gerren Taylor. Gerren modeled for me years ago for another fashion show I did where I showed my collection. I remember it vividly because she was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, had braces, but was over 6 feet tall, and walked like a gazelle! The agency had sent her because she was a "new Face" and I immediately said to myself (and to her and her over 6 foot tall Mommie!) that she was going to go far! Of course, soon after that, she left LA and went on to model all over the world: At Paris , Milan and New York Fashion Weeks! Good luck to all the Models ...ooops , I mean Oscar Escort Hopefuls.

1 Response to "NICK Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress Episode 2"

Laura S. said...

Hi! This is your fan from Finland writing for the first time. I just had to come and see, what my favourite designer has been doing lately. I was watching the reruns of Project Runway and I just thought you were fabulous. I have seen it before.. but just now i had the sudden urge to come and say this.

Your show must be delicious. Too bad it doesnt air in here. (for some reason they think at the tv-studios in Finland that we all like ice hockey more than well done designer dresses walking on the red carpet) :)

Just wanted to say: I love you. Keep up the good work!