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NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI gowns on Dancing With The Stars

NIKOLAKI gowns on "Dancing With The Stars"This has been a double-whammy of a week for David and I here at the NIKOLAKI Studio (and it's only Wednesday!) Photo Courtesy of: ABC/KELSEY MCNEAL On Monday, we were excited to turn on one of our favorite shows, ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" and see judge (and choreographer extraordinaire) Carrie Ann Inaba, wearing one of our gowns on the show! Her assistant had emailed us to tell us that she would possibly be wearing one of our designs but we just "never know" until we tune in. Even though you could only see her from the chest up (as she sits behind her Judges Table), she looked gorgeous in a NIKOLAKI turquoise silk jersey draped "Grecian Goddess" gown from our current Spring 2009 Collection. It's the same gown, in fact, that was featured on the cover of the California Apparel News, the West Coast's Industry Trade "Bible". That evening, we also received an email from one of my favorite stylists and fellow Project Runway "gal pals", Kit Scarbo (formerly "Kit Pistol"), who styles the hostess, the lovely Samantha Harris. Well, as luck would have it, Samantha (and Kit) both loved another one of our gowns and were informing us that Samantha would be wearing it on Tuesday's live elimination taping! See, I told you: A "Dancing With The Stars" double whammy! Samantha Harris wore one of our favorite gowns--also from the Spring '09 line--a strapless crimson red silk ziberline "Mermaid" gown featuring a hand-pleated bust, asymmetrical "pouf" at the bottom and (best of all) pockets!
The Designers Smiling proudly as Samantha Harris "Works It in NIKOLAKI
We were lucky enough to have been invited (thanks Miss Kit!) to the taping last night so we could celebrate Samantha in our gown live and up close. Beyond the fact that David and I sat like "proud pappas" in the audience, we also thoroughly enjoyed watching the show live and especially being there for this first elimination. The dancers were amazing; so tan, thin, taut! (will someone please give them a FATBURGER??!!) NIKOLAKI Spring 2009 (featured above by the lovely Amanda Fields)
And of course, it was a treat to witness Jewel sing "Over the rainbow" (flawlessly) as well as see all the dance numbers, especially the "Macy's" number choreographed by Michael Rooney, the son of Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney. But again, we were just humbled to have been there and to see the hostess, Samantha Harris wearing our NIKOLAKI gown beautifully and I especially loved how she kept "working" those side pockets! Love. Below is video from the show:

2 Responses to "NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI gowns on Dancing With The Stars"

Molly said...

The Crimson dress is true perfection! And, the frosting ... the wonderful footage and pix that accentuate your incorporation of the pocket that gave Samantha a chance to exude a casual attitude while wearing red carpet attire. Congratulations guys!!!

Michele19 said...

Congratulations. Samantha was breathtaking in that red dress. It was a standout look for her that season and that's saying a lot because she always looks 10 out of 10.