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NICK HOSTS.....Nick Verreos at UCLA for OUT FOR WORK

Dress For Success....with a little help from Nick Verreos!Nice Tie: Nick Verreos will meet-and-greet the future LGBT leaders of America this Saturday at UCLA Well it seems that I am going back to my alma mater this weekend. On Saturday, I will be hosting and making a "special appearance" at the University of California, Los Angeles /UCLA at the "Closing Night" events for the Out For Work Organization. I graduated from UCLA and got my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science/International Relations (yes, kids, I got my education!) before I decided to pursue my real love of fashion design and now I will come back to my old Westwood stomping grounds! Out For Work/OFW functions as a complimentary component in the total educational experience of LGBT students, primarily in the development, evaluation, initiation, and implementation of career plans and opportunities. They provide assistance to students in the cultivation and enhancement of skills to explore career options, master job search techniques and strategies, and research employment opportunities. They are holding their 2009 West Coast: The LGBTQA College Student Career Conference at UCLA and having a weekend long event filled with workshops, activities, seminars to help LGBT college students make the transition from Academia into the workforce and help them with such topics as building their resumes, being OUT in the workplace, being OUT and a minority and much more. I will be speaking this Saturday April at De Neve Building, Plaza A & B from 5:30-7 PM and talking one-on-one with interested students wanting to know how to appropriately dress for interviews and when they finally get that great for job; what's appropriate for a corporate position as opposed to a more "creative" one. Come by and say Hello; I will be there to meet and greet and maybe even take a Facebook photo or two! Click HERE for all the details and hope to see you there!!!

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