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NICK APPEARANCES.....The Way We Wore Event: Dita Von Teese and Debbie Mazar

Braids, Vintage Couture, and not getting the chance to ask Dita to come by my NIKOLAKI Showroom...Pose Off: Dita Von Teese and Debbie Mazar host the "Out of The Ordinary" event and fashion show at "The Way We Wore" Boutique photo by Evans Ward/ Wednesday was a busy day for me. I began my day at 8 AM and worked a 9 hour day styling and doing a photo shoot for a a fabulous new upcoming book which I was asked to be a part of. Without even a chance to re-apply any eau de toilette spritzer, I then headed to pick up my buddy--former Project Runway Season 2 cast mate and Marc Jacobs Regional Manager and Merchandiser, John Wade. When I arrived at John's place, I thought I had accidentally arrived at Sean Paul's house! He greeted me with a spankin' new hairdo: Braids! I was like "Did you go on a Princess Cruise with Rihanna in Barbados and did not tell me?" Only John Wade! I absolutely LOVE him but only he can make me feel like a tired old Grandpa.Tanned Topman: Nick Verreos in Topshop photo by Evans Ward/ I thought I was "working it" in my new Topshop suit, HOWEVER, after I saw him in his Bo Derek-meets-Peaches-and-Herb braids and deep armhole jersey tank and acid washed Marc Jacobs jeans I realized that I have lost all my "hip" quotient. I was invited to the "Out Of The Ordinary" event at Doris Raymond's amazing Vintage Couture Boutique The Way We Wore on La Brea. Along with Doris, Couture DIVA Dita Von Teese and the always fabulous Debbie Mazar were the hosts, so of course, both John and I could not resist. Lapel Power Couple: LA Designers Kevan Hall and Nick Verreos at "The Way We Wore" Earth Day event and fashion show Participating designers--from my Islands of The World cohort Kevan Hall to the always fabulously Magda Berliner--were asked to re-configure vintage garments that would have ended up in the "fashion" trash, and make them "new" again. Power Date: LA Designer Magda Berliner and Marc Jocobs West Coast poster boy, John Wade I would have LOVED to have been asked to take this challenge! Give me a 60's Boca Raton Pucci Tunic and let me have at it! The party and fashion show (showcasing the re-worked designs) was a complete success. Doris, Debbie and Dita were the most sublime hostesses (and announcers). All that was missing were the old-school Couture Show number "tags" models used to hold as they sashayed down the Atelier winding staircase..."and next we have Numero Deux...".Fashion Wrap Threesome: John Wade, Nick Verreos and Jennifer Rade photo by Evans Ward/ I was excited to see my fellow TV Guide Fashion Wrap With Lisa Rinna girlfriend, stylist Jennifer Rade (stylist to Angelina Jolie and Lisa Rinna), Dita's make-up artist extraordinaire (who also happened to do the make up for my Spring 2008 W Hotel Fashion Show), Gregory Arlt, and the "Queen of All Media", Perez Hilton. Miss California USA Finalists: Perez Hilton, Nick Verreos and John Wade photo by Evans Ward/ You just know I had to bond with him about the whole Miss California USA I-don't-approve-of-gay-marriage scandal. He was sporting a bright red t-shirt emblazoned with "Legalize Gay"... "Marriage" written with a black marker right after it. Note to self: Must get one of those t-shirts! The event was coming down to it's "midnight hour" as Dita stopped by and began to chat with John (she's a loyal client of Marc Jacobs) and wondered where Gregory--our mutual friend--was. Vintage Divas: Debbie Mazar and Dita Von Teese announce The Way We Wore "Out Of The Ordinary" fashion show I just kept thinking (to myself) how gorgeous she would look in one of my waist-cinching gowns. Before I could suggest to her to come by the studio for a fitting, she was whisked outside to find her car. Maybe next time.

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