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FASHION MOVIE REPORT.....Valentino: The Last Emperor--Post Viewing Recap

End of an Era: Beautiful Gowns, Paris Castle, Gstaad Chalet, Private Yacht...and temper tantrums Last night, after returning from my trips, I FINALLY got to see Valentino: The Last Emperor here in Los Angeles. Of course, I went with my "Giancarlo", David, and our friends. The film opened last week and so of course I had been "dying" to see it. I thought the cinema would be a "gaggle" of my gays and fashionistas, especially on a Friday night in West Hollywood, no less. But alas, it was not. The theater was not even half-full and we actually had some room--and didn't feel like the non-popcorn-eating WeHo Fashion boys would be elbowing us in disgust. The documentary was AMAZING! It was a behind the scenes look at Valentino and his long-time lover, business partner and one and only confidante, Giancarlo Giammetti and their 45 years together creating the Valentino Empire. It shows the last two years, before he announced his retirement in 2008. It seems a bit "fishy" that they just happened to be filming the culmination of his career leading up to his retirement without consciously knowing they were documenting the final days. I am a little doubtful of this. Maybe "the Master" was a bit clueless but certainly NOT Giammetti.Tanned Twosome: Valentino and Giancarlo Giametti, with Gwyneth Paltrow The film is especially candid in showing his love and power-play relationship with Giancarlo (they still snap at each other like 24 year old kids at a bar--even at 70+ years old!). They really "live the life": The castle outside of Paris, the private plane and the Warhol-like museum of a private yacht. While the film shows Valentino going on and on about how "hard he works", of course, the film cuts right to him in his Gstaad Chalet skiing and relaxing with his Pugs...Life is ROUGH I tell you! If only we all had it that bad!Add a volant (flounce/ruffle) take away a volant...add crystals...NOW! The famous white gown from "The Last Emperor", Spring/Summer '06 Haute Couture The movie chronicles 2 of his last Haute Couture Collections. It gives you a behind the scenes look at his Atelier. I especially loved the snippy Directrice; you don't want to mess with an irate Italian woman! When you see the film, notice how there are NO sewing machines in an Haute Couture Workroom. Every single suit, gown, skirt is made by hand. This is why an Haute Couture gown by Valentino could cost in the $100,000 range. After using $500/yrd fabric, 200 hours of handwork, countless private fittings and the fact that you are probably THE ONLY woman in the world to own it, this is the result of such an outrageous price tag. Valentino Red: The other gown featured in the film "Valentino: The Last Emperor" Valentino was very lucky when he began his career back in the 60's, since there is NO WAY a designer in 2009 could create an Empire on his own, the way he did back in the day--without the help of a multi-million dollar conglomerate/backer. If there was anything to take away from the film it is exactly what the title suggests, that this was the end of an Era.One Time Only: Designer Alessandra Facchinetti watches as her first and only Valentino Haute Couture Collection made its debut in Paris (Heidi Klum wore this gown to host the Emmy Awards) After Valentino retired, the owners brought in Alessandra Facchinetti, who designed what was considered a fabulous first Haute Couture Collection, and was taking the House of Valentino in a more "modern" direction. But unfortunately, she was dismissed unceremoniously. after just one season, she was replaced by two of Valentino's Accessories Designers (who had worked under him for over a decade). So obviously, even though he is retired, the hand of "The Last Emperor" is still involved--even though it is from his Chalet in Gstaad! To see the movie check the official Website for added dates and cities HERE. Here are the two Valentino Haute Couture Runway Shows-- that were featured in the film for your enjoyment: Spring/Summer 2006: Part One Part Two: Fall 2007 45TH Anniversary Show: Part One Part Two: Part Three:

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