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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Photo for NO H8 Campaign

Scissors, Thread and Pageant DivasNick Gets Bouska'ed: Nick Verreos NO H8 Campaign Photo Last week, my good friend and honorary "Sister", Brook Lee, just got a step closer to Elton John and Cher Gay Heaven, and at the same time , so did I. She called me up explaining that she was asked to do this "top secret" photo shoot for the NO H8 Campaign. NO H8 is a photo project and silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley, in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage act. At the same time she told me about the shoot, she also said that they would LOVE to photograph me for the campaign. Where and when, I asked?Color Coordinated Tie Threesome: Photographer Adam Bouska, Nick Verreos (sporting a Hugh Simms necktie) and Jeff Parshley In the wake of the Miss California/Miss USA controversy, and the fact that Brook was herself a Miss USA AND a Miss Universe (!), she was asked to be photographed for the campaign. The campaign features celebs and non-celebs photographed with white t-shirts, silver duck tape covering their mouths and a painted "No H8" on their faces. Brook and Her Girls: Former Miss USA and Miss Universe, Brook Lee in NIKOLAKI gown Brook's photo shoot concept, she explained, had her sitting while several fabulous Drag Queens pamper her every whim. She could not (gasp!) wear a simple white T-shirt. God no, she was a Miss Universe, after all. Well, she knew just who to come to: Yours truly! I created an ivory Lurex and Linen strapless "Mermaid-shaped" gown just perfect for a Miss Universe--and for this prolific shoot. As you can see from the final photo, Brook looks both regal and gorgeous in a NIKOLAKI white gown---a Miss Universe's version of a white tee!Nikolaki's Other Half: David Paul poses for NO H8 Campaign When I showed up for my shoot--with David and our dog, Benny in tow. I was greeted by former Miss California's Tamiko Nash (a Price Is Right Spokesmodel) and Raquel Beazley, both finalists in the Miss USA pageant. Sitting in the make-up chair was none other than Shanna Moekler, who is the co-executive director of the Miss California USA Organization (and a former Miss USA). I threw off my jacket, donned a deep-v white tee and sat down, as Jeff Parshley painted my face and slapped on the duck tape. The lighting was "Oprah Fabulous" so I had a feeling this was going to be good! Two minutes into the posing, I suggested "does anyone have scissors and maybe some thread?" And the shot was done. He even got David--and our dog Benny---to take photos as well!!! We were done. Take THAT Carrie Prejean! Former Miss California's and Miss USA (left to right) Tamiko Nash, Shanna Moekler and Raquel Beazley do their part for the NO H8 Campaign We said our "Goodbyes" to Tamiko, Raquel and Shanna, who were next up. Little did we know the fantastic "Triple Miss California/USA Threat" photo was about to take place (see above).I Loved the Photo: Nick Verreos exits the Gallery, with a big smile on his face! The next day was the Gallery Opening/Exhibition of the photographs. Jeff had emailed to let me know that somehow--in less than a 24-hour turnaround time frame--my photo had made it into the exhibit! Crazy. I was nervous and excited to see my photo--as well as all the others. Find Us: Shanna Moekler, Tamiko Nash , Nick Verreos, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Raquel Beazley, Alec Mapa Photographer Adam Bouska is UNBELIEVABLE! The results were amazing! My photo--as well as the others--were so out of control!!! I loved them so much! I am so proud of the photo and having been part of such an outstanding and historic cause! Here are some Additional Photos from the Exhibit: Queens: Nick Verreos poses with the photo of the three Beauty Queens, at the NO H8 Campaign ExhibitNick Verreos poses with Lisa Chang, Party Promoter, Manager Extraordinaire and Girl-About-TownNick Verreos and David Paul pose over the NO H8 Campaign Photo Collage (Nick's photo is right above them)

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you look great! and for a good cause too! congrats!