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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos returns to MSN and Style Studio

Dress Like You Mean It Ladies!Hanky Boy: Nick Verreos talks in "Catching Up With Nick Verreos" Yes, The MSN "Glam Squad" is back. Head Mistress Scoop Boutique DIVA Stefani Greenfield, Make-up Artist Troy Jensen (who recently worked with Jennifer Lopez), Hair Stylist to the stars, Ted Gibson, Project Runway Season 3 Designer and "Multi-tasker" Mommie, Laura Bennett, and moi, Nick Verreos, of course. An all new STYLE STUDIO Spring Season Premiere is off and running--with a stylish BANG!Line Dancing Anyone? Nick Verreos and his models get ready for a Style "Hoe-down" I had so much fun filming all the episodes in New York and especially treasured the fact that I was 110% involved with all of it! Yes, those are MY style suggestions, and yes, I even coordinated my outfits with a little help from David naturally (so complain to me!).White House: Nick Verreos surrounded by his models--all glam in various shades of Spring White There are so many exciting--and fun--segments in this new STYLE STUDIO. They include "Which Gossip Girl Are You?" (I'm Serena! Hello!), as well as "Safari Chic" and "Destination Dressing". One of my favorites is "Catching Up With Nick". So many people want to know what I have been up to and what I have been doing. Well, here it is, in one fun, well-lit fantastic video. Kudos to the production team, the director (Rasheed J. Daniel is HOT!), the editors, my models (Love you!) and everyone involved! The new STYLE STUDIO looks Tres Chic, directional and oh so approachable.Directing Nick: Director Rasheed J. Daniel tells Nick Verreos how to "butch it" up! (Not!) Someone needs to get us on Oprah! I'll tell her audience a thang or two about dressing like your favorite "Gossip Girl"...or just knowing what the right dress, shoe and belt is to wear just in time for Spring! Check in at the STYLE STUDIO site throughout the next coming months--there will be new videos added and I may even answer a question or two (or more) from you girls! Click BELOW for the Catching Up With Nick video and Click HERE for all the rest:

1 Response to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos returns to MSN and Style Studio"

Anonymous said...

LOVED! Working with you on Style Studio. You mentioned to me how much you loved my handbag. :-)

Too bad Dogmatic Inc, the production company, didn't pay most of their crew for this job! Doesn't look like we will every see our money! SHAME ON THEM!

Hopefully another production company can pick up this project next time. It was a blast to work on.