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NICK APPEARANCES.....LA Fashion Week Call to Action Cocktail Party

Fashionistas by the Beach! Alfonso and Tarina's "Lovechild": Alfonso Campos, Tarina Tarantino and Nick Verreos, Hotel Erwin Venice California Earlier this week, the lovely Jennifer Uner, executive producer of the LA Fashion Awards (and a big proponent of Los Angeles fashion and its designers), invited me to attend a Call To Action Cocktail Party at the brand spankin' new Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach. After a ONE HOUR drive from Downtown LA to Venice Beach (I kid you not!), I finally made it to the rooftop meeting of designers, pr agents, editors and boutique owners, to discuss the future of Los Angeles Fashion Week and everything in between. The Devil Wears Prada (not!), LA: California Apparel News Executive Editor Alison Nieder and Fashion Editor Jayne Seward Waiters passed delicious chicken mini sandwiches and shrimp taco hors d'oeuvres as guests listened to Jen Uner's "Call To Action" speech atop the rooftop of the Hotel Erwin. The view of the beach--and all its healthy running short-and-sneaker (or skateboard-carrying) wearing populous down below-- made an unusual backdrop as the LA Fashion Crowd enjoyed wine and cheese up top!Rooftop Fashion: Darren Gold, Alison Nieder of California Apparel News, Alisa Loftin of Aero & Company and designer Nony Tochterman of Petro Zillia I said "hello" to Darren Gold of Alpha Man Boutique on Melrose, Alisa Loftin of Aero & Company, a store that carried my line, NIKOLAKI, here in LA. I immediately spotted my good friend (how can you miss her!), fuchsia-haired designer Tarina Tarantino and her sexy husband and partner Alfonso Campos (he's going to kill me for that one!) as well as pr beauties Jen Green and Shana Honeyman of Genevieve Productions (they produced my first Smashbox LA Fashion Week fashion show back in 2003) and Matt Meyerson of RPRT Communications and Management. Love them: Jen Green and Shana Honeyman of Genevieve Productions I was happy to see my Hollywood Bowl Opening Night "box seat" mate, the dear Miss Alison Nieder, executive editor of the California Apparel News, her publisher, Molly Rhodes, and fashion editor Jayne Seward. A representative from the LA Mayor's office was scheduled to have also been in attendance, but they somehow did not make it (if somehow I got there, after an hour's drive in stopped traffic, huney, they should have been there too! I had FIVE other appointments, but I still got there--- Just saying!). I was glad I attended and hope that we, as part of the LA Fashion Community, can have an outstanding fashion week of events, fashion parties and fashion shows to showcase how amazing we are and the diversity of our great city! For more on the night: *HERE is a fun little video from Tarina Tarantino's "Life At The Sparkle Factory" Blog *Click HERE to read about the cocktail party on Plopculture Blog.

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