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FIDM.....FIDM LA 3 Days of Fashion 2009: RECAP

FIDM Three Days of Fashion: Los AngelesGreen Microphone, Green Pants: Nick Verreos chats with host Blaine Vedros, and over 200 students at FIDM LA "3 Days Of Fashion"
Well, I just can't get enough of model Heather Chantal Jones! As you may have read in a previous posting, last week I was invited to San Diego to make a special appearance at the FIDM San Diego Campus and Cycle 9 "America's Next Top Model", Heather--I call her Chantal--Jones, drove down from Los Angeles, and joined me in the fun. This last Friday, neither her nor I had much to travel (since we are both Angelenos) when we reprised our 'Three Days of Fashion" appearance in the sunny Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM Campus.Next Up For Bid, A Turquoise Silk Jersey (20 yrds of it!) gown with Grecian draping, copper sequins and built-in bustier: Nick Verreos and model Heather Chantal Jones at FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" Being that this event was in LA, everything is done on a "grander scale", and when I showed up to the stage, there were over 200 kids, plus parents and school administrators, crowding the expansive 5Th Floor "Conference Room". When I made my entrance , it seemed like EVERY student had their cell phones perched atop their heads taking photos. I was nearly blinded by the flashbulbs and trust me, this doesn't happen very often. Not for a little ol' designer like myself, and certainly not for a "Project Runway" reality show alumn. I did a fun interview with cutie host Blaine Vedros (love him!) and then, of course, I brought out Chantal for some runway modeling of my NIKOLAKI collection. She wore the "Carrie Ann Inaba" silk jersey gown (which Carrie Ann wore on last season's "Dancing With The Stars") as well as other gowns. We even captured video of the event. Below are the videos. Enjoy! Model Heather Chantal Jones, of Cycle 9 America's Next Top Model, modeling NIKOLAKI dress worn by Carrie Ann Inaba:
Model Heather Chantal Jones, modeling NIKOLAKI Spring 2009 and Nick Verreos discusses his inspiration:
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