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NICK APPEARANCES.....Fourth Annual Life Out Loud Event

Dustin Lance Black, Donna Mills...and Bruno?Knots Landing Heaven: Actress Donna Mills, her GORGEOUS 14 year old daughter Chloe, and Nick Verreos; Life Out Loud Event Over the weekend, as part of the Los Angeles Gay Pride celebrations, I was invited to attend a great and very important event: The Fourth Annual Life Out Loud. The night before, at a GLAAD event (naturally), I had met Michael Ferrera, Co-founder and Executive Director of Lifeworks-- an amazing organization that helps gay youth learn to be open and comfortable with themselves through mentoring and various activities-- and he extended an invitation to his Life Out Loud Gala. The Man of The Hour: Academy Award Winning Writer for "Milk", Dustin Lance Black, Life Out Loud 4 Event This year's event was to honor Oscar-winning writer of "Milk", Dustin Lance Black. Of course, I obliged. Along with my friends, Colin Murphy and his partner John Fortier, I headed to the Sunset Gower Studios in the heart of Hollywood, the location of this year's event. As I made my way through the entrance and red carpet, I was interviewed by various media. One reporter asked me about my thoughts on the Sacha Baron Cohen "Bruno" controversy and if this will hurt the LGBT community and if people will get the humor or will the movie be adding flame to hidden anti-gay feelings in our society. Of course, I "get it" and I feel that Cohen is actually trying to expose the ignorance and homophobia people have. But I'm not so sure how many movie-going audiences will.Nick Verreos with Lifeworks Co-Founder and Executive Director, Michael Ferrera After finally making it inside, the Sunset Gower Studio parking lot was unrecognizable. It was transformed into a tented and very festive cocktail party, with sofas, tables, bars, and lots of waiters walking around with delicious hors d'oeuvres like sundried tomato wrap cheese quesadillas (yum!). Of course, the highlight was when the very cute (and talented) Dustin Lance Black, gave his speech for accepting his Award. You could hear a Prada Wallet drop!Cute Couple: My "dates", Colin Murphy and APA agent, John Fortier The party was very "Gay A-List" (as I like to call it)--from the President of Entertainment of MTV Networks' Music and Logo group, Brian Graden (an Honorary Chair of the event), to various "Hollywood Power Players" such as actors, producers, directors, sports icons to even little old fashion designers, like me! Nick Verreos poses with actress Amy Hill and her darling daughter, Penelope I spotted Olympic Gold Medalist Greg (and fellow Greek) Louganis, actor Peter Paige and actress and comedian Amy Hill--who was there with her daughter Penelope (you may recall the last time I saw them was at the No H8 Campaign March). At one point, my friends even spotted actress Donna Mills, famous for her role in Knots Landing (if you don't remember the show, you are WAY TOO YOUNG!). I went over to introduce myself, and I was surprised that she knew who I was. Her almost 6 foot tall daughter Chloe was just beautiful! So, of course, the designer in me, told her immediately that she should be a model. Nick and The Gang: Dancer Kevin Stea, Nick Verreos, Transgender DIVA Calpernia Addams and Jamison Hebert I was also happy to see Transgender DIVA Miss Calpernia Addams (sporting a cropped 'do), and dancer( and cutie) EXTRAORDINAIRE, Kevin Stea. I was glad to have been at such a fun party, and especially to bring attention to such a worthwhile organization like Lifeworks. Watch Video Below for my thoughts on the "Bruno" controversy:

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