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NICK APPEARANCES.....Artist Knox Luxury Grooming Pet Salon Party

Nick says Woof Woof!!!!Woof: Nick Verreos and his dog, Benny (wearing House Of Dog accessories) at the Artist Knox Luxury Pet Grooming Salon Launch Party This past Saturday, I was invited to the Grand Opening Charity Party of Artist Knox Luxury Grooming Pet Salon, benefiting SPCA-LA. The weather in LA was a gorgeous (and very hot) 85 degrees, so I donned my dress shirt, vest and tie--and my silver sneakers--and threw Benny, my beautiful King Charles-Dachshund dog, in my car, and I was ready to go! OK, just to clarify, before I get any nasty emails--I didn't really throw Benny in the car--he sat on "Daddy" David's lap.Nick Verreos, Karen "Doc" Halligan and "Groomer Has It" Season 1 Winner, Artist Knox Artist Knox, is the winner of Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It", and this is his salon, naturally! I was excited to go to a red carpet event where I could bring Benny, as opposed to leaving him alone tearing up my silk jersey gowns. Also, I wasn't just attending, I found out that I was also the Guest Celebrity Judge and Host (OK, so they were using the word "celebrity" very loosely!) for the party's Cutest Dog Contest. Drag Dogs: Wig-wearing (don't ask) dogs at the Artist Knox Luxury Pet Salon Party As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by Artist Knox and one of the judges from the show, Dr. Karen "Doc" Halligan. Dr. Halligan is currently the Director of Veterinary Services at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles (SPCA LA), where she oversees the health and well being of all the shelter animals and routinely performs surgical procedures. Gremlins Cute: A party guest and her dog (love the tie!) The pet grooming salon, located on Cahuenga Boulevard, right in the heart of Hollywood, was a buzz with lots of dogs of all shapes and colors, as well as their Haute Hollywood Mommy and Daddies. I immediately put Benny down and he went to town, smelling and getting to know all the other dogs. He loved hanging out with all the other dogs and had a fun time. Tu-tu's and Summer Dresses: Young guests and their colorful tu-tu wearing pets There were lots of teen and pre-teen actors at the party, who brought their dogs too. I thought I was at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards but the bring-your-pet version! I ran into actress Kaycee Stroh, from Disney's High School Musical, as she approached me and told me how much she "loves" Project Runway. I told her I loved her too! High School Musical Meets Project Runway: Nick Verreos and actress Kaycee Stroh, of "High School Musical" The party was catered by one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, La Velvet Margarita, which just happens to be next door. They also had set up a bar in the back in case guests felt compelled to have some afternoon cocktails. The Velvet Margarita back patio, also served as the "stage" for the Cutest Dog Contest I would be judging. DJ Nick: Nick Verreos hosts and judges Artist Knox Luxury Grooming Pet Salon Cutest Dog Contest There were lots of cute dogs for me to chose from. In true Project Runway form, I, of course, made the dogs--and their owners--do a runway strut, in front of all the guests. After much deliberation (Ok, it took less than 60 seconds) , I decided that actor Jorge Pallo's (who starred in "24") puppy was the winner! ...And The Winner Is: Nick Verreos gets licked by winning puppy He was the cutest dog, besides mine of course (Benny was not eligible since I was the sole judge, thank you very much!). Congratulations to Jorge and his "Cutest" puppy! When I announced the winner , he (the dog) licked me all over! (see photo above). I think Benny was jealous because he was mean to me all day after that!

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