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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Raquel Jimenez "Chica Orbit" in NIKOLAKI, Premios Juventud 2009


More on Miami.... There has been some fun press about the Chica Orbit and her date, Latin pop sensation, PeeWee. I designed the great Orbit Mist Blue dress she wore to the Premios Juventud and in fact, I went with her, but didn't walk the carpet. I opted to watch the show from our "private VIP booth", as I wrote in my previous "Miami" posting. When she finished doing the red carpet, she had told us how much fun it was and what a great time she had (even though it was a stifling 94 degrees!!!). Little did we knew the Latino Chisme (gossip/dish) it would cause...

Now That He's Lost The Mustache, Let's Find Out Who Pee Wee's Beard Is Well, well, well. And what do we have here? It would appear that our young Pee of the Wee variety hired got himself a female companion for his stroll down the Premios Juventud’s blue carpet.... Click HERE to continue reading!... Who was Pee Wee’s Arm Candy?

 Everyone is STILL talking about PeeWee’s “date” to Premios Juventud withChica Orbit”, Raquel..... Click HERE to read more! Nick Verreos Dresses Orbit's Spokesmodel Raquel Jimenez Orbit and Orbit Mist gum spokesmodel Raquel Jimenez recently attended the 2010 Premios Juventud, the highest-rated awards show.... Click HERE to read the entire article!

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