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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos and "Chica Orbit": Premios Juventud 2009

Hot & Steamy in Miami!!!Dirty Mouth? Use Orbit Mist...and make sure to wear NIKOLAKI Couture: Nick Verreos and Raquel Jimenez, the Latina Orbit Gum Girl As I wrote in a previous post, I had barely unpacked my suitcase since returning to Los Angeles from my two-week trip to Europe, when I had to get right back on a plane. This time, the "Sexiest City in the US" was calling my name. I was invited to fly to Miami to dress and style the Latina Orbit Gum Girl, the gorgeous Raquel Jimenez for the Premios Juventud 2009, or for those Spanish-challenged readers, the "Teen Choice Awards". The Premios Juventud is a show, held annually in Miami, giving props to all the currently hot actors, musical groups and singers in the Hispanic world. Orbit Gum Girl meets Nick Verreos: Premios Juventud 2007 "purple" carpet Two years ago, I was commissioned to create and design a one-of-kind dress for the Latina Orbit Gum Girl for the 2007 Premios Juventud and in fact, also walk the "red carpet" with her. It was a complete success and Raquel looked Retro-Chic in the white with "Orbit Blue" trimmed 1950's inspired number I made for her--Jackie O-inspired pill box hat and all. Haute Couture Gum: Chica Orbit, Raquel Jimenez--and her favorite accessory (no, not the priceless Vintage Swarovski pin!) Before I had left for Europe, the clients had asked me again to design a dress for Chica Orbit--but this time they loved a dress from my Spring 2009 Islands of the World Collection and ordered it. They wanted her to look less "costumey" and more red carpet glamorous. The dress they chose was a turquoise "Orbit Mist" blue silk jersey one-shoulder, draped cocktail dress featuring a vintage Swarovski crystal pin. Because of my crazy schedule and time constraints (the Premios Juventud were two days after I arrived back from Europe!), I flew to Miami to physically bring the dress and all the accessories she would wear with it.Mondrian Miami: The view from my Mondrian Miami Hotel Suite balcony! The clients put me up at the very sexy Mondrian Miami and I was happy to rest my jet-lagged self in such a sumptuous hotel and especially the lovely suite that awaited me. I was actually just happy to be INSIDE an air-conditioned room and away from the stifling hot and humid 94 degree weather (and this was at 10 o'clock at night!).Children of The Corn--Mondrian Miami Style: The crystal-encrusted life-like painting on the wall of my room (I felt as if she was staring at me the whole time--I wondered if there were secret cameras behind those eyes?) The room had a great balcony which overlooked the Miami skyline and bay, as well as the infamous "Star Island" (where Gloria Estefan, among others reside). I should have brought my binoculars! The following morning after I arrived, we had a fitting and decided on the jewelry, brooches, and shoes to complete her "NIKOLAKI Orbit Gum Girl 2009" red carpet ensemble and she was "done and done"."Orbit Mist" NIKOLAKI Dress: Raquel Jimenez, overlooking the Miami skyline Earlier in the week, Raquel had filmed a commercial/vignette with up-and-coming Latin heartthrob-pop star, PeeWee (I know, that's his name, don't ask!) and she was going to be his red carpet "date" for the Premios Juventud 2009. After arriving at the awards show, Raquel went straight to her duties on the carpet with PeeWee and I went inside the theater to my "VIP" box seat that the kind people at Univision and the Orbit Gum clients had reserved. The gorgeous and NIKOLAKI-clad "Chica Orbit" and singer PeeWee at Premios Juventud 2009 We watched in delight as the jumbotron screens at the amphitheater broadcast live the "arrivals". There were A LOT of messes, in terms of fashion, on that carpet--you know my Latinas, they love themselves some mini skirts, crazy ruffles and clear Lucite stripper heels! Raquel really stood out in her glamorous, elegant-yet-sexy ensemble --at least for me. But then again, I am biased.Orbit Amigas: Nick Verreos and Raquel Jimenez "Chica Orbit", pose at the VIP Suite Premios Juventud 2009 I had the best time watching the Premios Juventud from the "VIP" suite and especially enjoyed the great performances from Paulina Rubio, Marc Anthony (sans Jennifer Lopez) and the Spanish group La 5ta Estacion, who stole the show with their amazing duet with Marc. It was a great night for sure and I can't wait to come back to Miami.

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Rosemary said...

Hi Nick!

I have been re-watching (or re-re-re-watching) Season 2 of PR and just dreaded the makeover episode, because you were my favorite that year. (It's those Robert Downey eyes.) At least you left looking totally fabulous--you could have been in pink spandex!

Raquel's blue dress is stunning, and I am thrilled for your success since the show aired. There has not been one contestant in any season who has deserved it more.

Looking forward to seeing more of you and your lovely work.

orbit gum said...

Sweet! I love that blue dress a lot.