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NICK APPEARANCES.....Gold vs. Petker Fashion Show: Social in Hollywood

Let the Fashion Circus Begin!Amanda Circus: Model Amanda Fields and Nick Verreos Last Thursday, the ever-so-fabulous Clint Catalyst, whom I've known through the "LA Fashion Circles" for AGES, invited me to an event which he was presenting, the "Gold versus Petker: A Holiday 2009 Runway Fashion Show Event". Designer Jared Gold (remember his now-infamous LIVE BUGS Fashion Show on America's Next Top Model?), and artist Joshua Petker were joining forces to create a "Fashion and Artistic Mash-up" to shake up those flip-flop, board-short and skinny-jean wearing Angelenos. Raise That Eyebrow: Joey Maalouf poses with Jennifer Egan of GenArt Jared Gold and Clint Catalyst are very well known for pushing the artistic (and fashion) envelope so I knew that any event that had their names attached would be fun. As my date, I brought along Joey "The Rachael Zoe Project" Maalouf. I had so much fun with him at the last event we went to (Style LA Swim and Resort Fashion Show) that he had to come along to this one.Project Runway All Stars: Designers and Project Runway Alumn Nick Verreos, Sweet P, Jerell and Kit Scarbo As we entered the venue, the Social Nightclub in Hollywood, I almost thought I had arrived at Lifetime Network's Premiere of the New Season of Project Runway. I instantly ran into Jerell Scott from Season 5 and Sweet P and Kit "Pistol" Scarbo from Season 4. As we all gave air kisses to each other, it created a rush of impromptu paparazzi (really, just guests at the party) rushing to get photos of us, like we were recently discovered Dinosaurs from the Argentinian Pampas! All we kept hearing was "OMG! It's Project RUUUUNWAAAAY!!!!" Oh Dear. Hands on the Hips Ladies: Model Amanda Fields and Make-Up Artist Noseph Trinh And before I could say "Where's Andrae?", I spotted former Project Runway model and one of my NIKOLAKI muses (she's all over my website by the way), the one and only Amanda Fields. Amanda--fantastically made up with cotton candy-looking hair and paint-ball effect splashed make-up-- was there to model in the show. The incredible Noseph Trinh had done her make-up and huney, she looked DIVINELY crazy! I love Noseph, he helped create the flawless make-up for my W Hotel Spring 2008 NIKOLAKI Fashion Show. Detail Shot: Amanda Fields' Hair and Make Up, Gold vs. Petker Runway Show Inside the capacity filled Runway "Ballroom" at Social, the crowd was eager to see the show. As we sat down in our front-row seats (Thank you Clint, I felt very Anna Wintour), I spotted transgender girl-about-town, Calpernia Adams, comedienne Selene Luna, LA Fashion "Doll" Audrey Kitching and even Ongina, one of the Drag Divas from "Ru Paul's Drag Race" reality show. Cupcake Princess: Audrey Kitching at the Gold vs. Petker Runway Show To say that the crowd was eclectic was the understatement of the year! Seated next to us was an instructor and an executive from the prestigious Otis School of Design, editors of the California Apparel News, Jewelry and Accessories Empress Tarina Tarantino and her husband Alfonso, and artist Joshua Petker himself. Striped Leggings: A look from the Gold vs. Pekter Runway Show The show itself was a fantastic journey and visual ride through the eyes of Jared Gold and Joshua Petker, put forth by the wonderful styling, make up and hair, music and staging of their fabulous crew of fashion "bandits". There were black and white diagonal striped jersey leggings, sweaters, lots of colorful pom poms, and a finale coat that dazzled the crowd. Rouged Cheeks: A wide-legged jumpsuit from the Gold vs. Petker Runway Show Afterwards, I made a bee-line to the VIP Dance Party where none other than Tarina Tarantino would be the special "Guest DJ". Yep, she designs jewelry, bags, clothing and now, she DJ's! Of course, her hubby, Alfonso was there like a proud Papa. At the bar, I ran into my friend, Director of Make Up Artistry for MAC (and Dita Von Teese's personal Make Up Artist) Gregory Arlt as well as stylist Charlie Altuna. Native American Barbie: Tarina Tarantino gives feathers (while designer Jared Gold looks on) Gregory and I chatted clothes and which one of his fabulous clients should be wearing my gowns (all of them!). I even gushed with envy over some photos of his recent trip to Singapore (his First Class Sleeper Seat was RIDICULOUS?!). I want to be The Director of Make Up artistry for MAC! After getting a little bit of my "groove on" (sorry, I know no one says that any more), I realized that it was time to bid "Adieu" to this fantastic fashion circus and head Downtown to go to bed--and hopefully have crazy fashion circus dreams!

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mary_ronaldo said...

hi! i'm mary from greece and i saw your blog a few days ago! i think it's great!
i love fashion shows. unfortunately i've never been in one...!anyway i'm following your blog now. i like reading your opinion about fashion!

Clint Catalyst said...

Love love love that powder blue detail on your jacket, Mr. Verreos!

And natch, I love--and appreciate-- the diversity your blog post provides vs. some of the other coverage I've seen re: the evening. (Props for the 'Beauty Boosters' are well-deserved; the hair and make-up team transformed those Walking Sticks into breathing Petker portraits...amped-up with attitude to rival even the most legendary of drag royalty!)

Riiight? ;D

Off to cut, paste and tweet this URL


x o x o x

Clint Catalyst said...

Oh, and P.S.:

The model directly before lovely Tarina's pic is Deena Marie, a YouTuber that's friggin' GENIUS.

Her channel is

Take a few minutes and check out her videos "Twilight High School Musical" and "Deena's Diet Commercial."

Pinky swear that it's worth it!

x o x