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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Lecture in Florence Italy

Parle Italiano?The Duomo, Florence Italy Well, kids, I am off to Europe!! Last month, I got a fabulous email--and lovely letter--from the Director of the Italy Summer Study Program for the prestigious Miami University of Ohio, inviting me to come to Florence Italy, to do a Speaking Engagement next week. For the last several years, they have had this amazing program, specifically geared for writing students of the University, which focuses on Feature Writing, interviewing, non-fiction travel pieces for student newspapers, etc. This year, they decided to "Bring on the Fashion", and by Fashion, that means ME! Since the kids are in Florence and the city has such a rich heritage of style, fashion, and particularly leather accessories. In case you did not know, Florence is not just the land of the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and Michelangelo's David. It is also the "birthplace" of iconic Italian brands such as Gucci and Ferragamo.Michelangelo's David, Florence Italy Besides the requisite meet-and-greet lunches and dinners with the Summer Program students and the corresponding faculty, I am honored to be taking a tour with the Miami University Journalism Class of this special Summer Program at the Polimoda Institute, a nucleus of "fashion learning" in Italy. Afterwards, I will speak about "Fashion Communication", branding, give a little insight on my career--and of course, talk about my experience on Project Runway--and maybe tell a story or two about Heidi and Tim Gunn, my favorites! I have also been told, I may get a chance to check out the Pitti Filati shows while I am in Florence. The Pitti Filati shows are similar to the Pitti Uomo e Donna, but with more of an emphasis on textiles and knits. Needless to say, I am beyond eccitato! Figure Skating Ladies Final Auditorium: David Paul and Nick Verreos at the Tornio Olympics, 2006 The last time I was in Italy was three years ago when I was invited to the 2006 Torino Olympics to do some "fashion commentary" on the Olympic Figure Skating Ladies Final Costumes (Yeah, you read right!). Italian Bodyguards: Nick Verreos poses with the Carabineri, Tornio Italy, 2006 My design partner, David Paul and I had such an amazing time in Torino (we even made a side trip to Milan) and I am glad to be returning--but now this time, to another beautiful city in fabulous Italy! Maybe, I will get to take more photos with the sexy Carabineri (see above)--and get to see David (Michelangelo's) up close and personal.

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MH said...

Very cool that Miami University contacted you about speaking! I went to Miami Univ in Oxford, OH. They have great taste!
Great blog!

MH, The Recessionista
A Fellow LA blogger