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RUNWAY REPORT.....Clunky Shoe Trend

Big, Bold and Clunky!Fall Foot Divas: Fall 2009 Shoes from Prada, Balenciaga and Christian Dior It's all about SHOES! The Big ol' Clunky kind! No sexy strappy feminine things. No sir--or madam--If you are a girl who is into fashion and wants to stay a step or two, ahead of the pack, you better have at least two of these Stacked Clunky Heels. Three Words: Big, Bold and Heavy. The "F" is for FIERCE: Fendi wood-colored leather Clunky Heels Last Fall 2009 Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, NY, Tokyo; bold, platform, thick-strapped shoes were de rigeur on the runway. And now, these shoe styles are finally hitting your local Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. One of my favorite "Couture" styles are the Fendi Platform Chunky "Sandals" (as Saks Fifth Avenue calls them!). At $775, these might be a bit steep, unless you're the girlfriend of one of those Goldman Sachs bankers who got their multi-million bonus!Black Clunky: From Bakers Shoes But if you cannot afford those out-of-control Fendi--or Dior, or Prada Fall 2009 Couture Clunkers--then you might feed your need for Chunky Shoes at your nearby mall. Bakers is a great example of a shoe store that provides you the latest styles--translated from the runways-- at more affordable prices. Another one of my favorite shoe companies, Michael Antonio, also has reasonably-priced Clunky heels such as this gold woven detail one seen here. It is one of my favorites for sure. And this pair is only $50!!!! (I know, shut up!). If I was a girl, I would be ALL OVER that website getting my credit card out. With these, you will be "working it" at that next fashion week party, Downtown Gallery Event, or just making your flip-flopp'ed date look really short--and under-dressed! It's All About The Shoes: Balenciaga Resort 2010 stacked platform "sandals" These Fall 2009 designs are making their transition into Resort 2010 and Pre-Spring Collections, as seen above with the stacked clunky open-toe heels from the House of Balenciaga. I absolutely love the contrast of a sweet, feminine full mini-dress--and these absolutely OUTRAGEOUS big bold shoes. A Shot of Color: Alexis Bledel at the Teen Choice Awards These heels have also recently been making an appearance on the red carpet--as seen in these photos from the recent Teen Choice Awards. I love the statement both Alexis Bledel and Miss Fergie are making with their shoes. And I especially love the colors. Purple Fergilicious: Fergie at the Teen Choice Awards Their stylists are already jumping on the CLUNKY SHOE Bandwagon, so now, it might be a good time to head to your local Saks, Neiman's or Michael Antonio website, and get yourself a pair. Remember: Big, Bold, and Clunky!

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G Spot Unveiled© said...

I looove them all :)

It's so IN, having platforms and if they are a whole extravaganza it's even better, cause shoes come along as ''shows'' or even just as an outstanding accessory that's worth talking about it and not just judging it as part of a total!

Cheers ^_^

johnwright said...

Nice selection..! Well, Payless is one of my most favorite store for affordable shoe shopping.

Jessica Buurman said...

its awesome