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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2009 Gowns: Part 2

Lots of Slits, Prints and a Caftan????Look, I shaved: Miss Nicaragua, Indiana Sanchez, shows her (very, very) high slit Here's a brief background into the Miss Universe Pageant and especially the "Gown Presentation". The contestants from all over the world arrive at their contest location--this year, the serene Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. They take their first "official photos", which include, of course, the Swimsuit and Evening Gown photos. Historically, (the contest has been occurring for 50 years much to the dismay of Feminist groups), these gowns are not necessarily the actual gowns the beauties will wear on the very official "Preliminary Competition", which chooses the Top Fifteen Finalists.There's A Sale At Jo Ann Fabrics: Miss Slovak Republic, Denisa Mendrejova uses all the leftover fabrics she could find Sometimes, in fact, the girls even change into another gown, for the live telecast, if they make "The Cut" (I know, it's a bit confusing but just follow along, it's not "rocket science" after all). But until both the Preliminary Night and the final live telecast, these gown photos are all we have to look at--as a hint and style direction of the girls' taste (or at least what their sometimes ill-advised pageant directors told them to wear). There are a couple trends that seem evident after seeing some of the evening gown photos. Flower Power:That's a Lot of Sweep: Miss Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz, in her Empire Maxi Printed Gown There were lots of flow-y flower and paisley printed maxi-gowns, which is right-on-trend and understandable when the Miss Universe Pageant is taking place in a Caribbean resort such as the Atlantis in the Bahamas. Some were done well (Dominican Republic's Ada de la Cruz) and some, well, take a look at Miss Slovak Republic, Denisa Mendrejova. I give those Eastern European girls points for being always a bit "two steps away from crazy" in their gowns, but this one, was just a tragic mess. Slit Happy: I Feel A Breeze: Miss Philippines, Bianca Manalo proudly shows that slit Although slits were a plenty in these evening gown portraits, at least it wasn't as out of control as it is usually seen at the Miss USA pageant. But, darlings, there was still plenty to see! Somehow, none of these countries' directors ever read my "Memo on Slits" back in April.Can Can Canada: Miss Canada, Mariana Valente's French Flag-inspired flower print and high slit gownThe Pharaohs Are Happy: Miss Egypt, Elhan Wagdi coily shows her slit--and her Stripper Lucite High Heels! I get the "point" of a slit: Drama, ease of movement. That still doesn't make it right. Personally, a slit-up-to-there says "Cheesy" more than "Classy". But it seems to be a trend and a staple of pageant dresses which unfortunately will not go away, and especially more so now since last year's Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza won the contest guessed it, a gown with a very high slit! And even though I'm not such a fan of the ubiquitous slits, I admit that she looked AMAZING in it! Finally (for this posting), I have a couple "Nick Miss Universe Preliminary Gown Awards":First, the Carole Cook Caftan Award Goes To...Miss Colombia, Michelle Rouillard! Michelle showed up to the official "Welcome Dinner" in this neon apple green satin caftan of a concoction. And to be honest, I was LOVING IT!!! For Resort 2010, it is all about the Djeballah and caftans. I just never expected one would show up at the Miss Universe pageant. She gets ten "Nick Verreos" At-A-Girl" points for this. And Secondly, my so-far "Most Improved Award" goes to the lovely Miss Cayman Islands, Nicosia (love her name) Lawson. The last we saw of her--she was wearing THIS gown! But at the Official Welcome Dinner, she showed up in this yellow, navy and metallic print gown, which for me, was a nice modern (and no clear stripper heels were showing!) improvement. Whoever let her borrow this, should make her KEEP IT!!!!

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